I Learned Something Cool at PSW

Undoubtedly there are hundreds of things to learn while attending classes at Photoshop World. I however picked up a new little processing nugget from my buddy Matt Kloskowski while hanging out in the Instructors Lounge. Matt was showing me some artwork that he had created in Photoshop using an experimental plug-in from Adobe Labs called Pixel Bender and I have to tell you that I was just blown away with the effect. There are quite a few effects that can be rendered using the plug-in but Matt showed me some HDR shots of his that he used with the Oil Painting filter. I swear to you that his images looked just like Van Gogh paintings. They were unbelievable! So much so that I just had to download the Pixel Blender plug-in as soon as I returned home from Vegas. It only works in CS5 and you had better have a pretty good graphics card to use it because it relies on the card GPU to render. I had to downsize some of my shots from the Canon T2i before I could even use it, but not by much.

Here’s a couple of examples that I made by just playing with the sliders. They look so good that I might even have to get some canvas prints made. Be sure to click on the images for a larger version.


  1. Very cool Jeff. Definitely have to give that one a try. thanks for the tip.

  2. Oh yeah, Van Gogh all the way. Do a few more and you could charge admission. Maybe 5¢?

  3. I downloaded this as soon as I got home. Very cool.

  4. I love the Van Gogh effect! I can already think of a few ways I’d like to try this. Fun!!

  5. This is too cool.

  6. Hi Jeff, I learned about your site from one of your screencast published on Youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhdG1InLqko

    I am interested on the software that you are using. May I know and how much is it? Thanks.


  1. I Learned Something Cool at PSW http://bit.ly/afKQGx Photography.alltop

  2. Jeff Revell says:

    Making art – the Photoshop way: Check out today's blog post – http://su.pr/6XzLYq

  3. Check this out – it is so cool! RT @Photowalkpro: I Learned Something Cool at PSW http://su.pr/6XzLYq #Photography #Editing

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