Catching Up On Some News

Hey everyone. This week is sort of off schedule with the holiday on Monday so I thought I would share some stuff that I came across in the past week.

Thoughts about HDR Efex Pro –

One of the programs that was getting a lot of buzz on the Photoshop World trade show floor was the new plug-in from Nik Software, HDR Efex Pro. There were demos going on constantly at the Nik booth and after watching for awhile it was obvious that this will be a very popular processing tool for anyone that is interested in doing some HDR processing. The other thing that was very obvious is that the software is not quite ready for prime time. There are still a lot of bugs and most people that I talked to that were using the beta version were having a lot of trouble with crashes. Some Mac users were experincing complete system crashes. If you want to get some inside scoop from someone that really knows HDR photography you should check out Matt Kloskowski’s article over at Lightroom Killer Tips.

What to do after Photoshop World –

Concert photographer and PSW Instructor Alan Hess wrote a great article about what to do after Photoshop World is over. Alan gives 5 great tips about how to leverage the experience and keep the fires burning. You can read the article on the PSW blog.

Photo Storage for your iPad –

I really like loading up pics on my iPad but let’s face it, that 16GB on my unit isn’t really practical for archiving all my photos when I go out on a long shoot. Unfortunately there hasn’t been an external solution for storing images on drives over 32GB, that is until now. Hyperdrive has just released an external storage drive with up to 750GB of storage that works with the iPad. Not only that but the Hyperdrive has built-in card slots that allow you to directly download images from your camera’s memory card to the drive and then just upload the ones you want onto your iPad. You can read more about it at Dan Carr’s blog.

Speaking of iStuff –

When the 3rd generation of the iPod Touch came out I was extremely disappointed by the lack of a camera, especially since they put one in the Nano. But just last week, that wrong has been righted with the introduction of the new 4th generation Touch. Not only does it have a rear-camera capable of capturing stills as well as HD Video, it also has the front-facing camera just like the iPhone 4. That’s not the only feature that it shares with the iPhone. It also has the new Retina display, improved accelerometer and gyro for better gaming. This is the iPod I have been waiting for and as soon as I get rid of my 1st gen I will be snagging one for myself. You can a review on Engadget and order yours at Apple.

Electrifying Inspiration –

My buddy Mike Meyer has been running some of his amazing lightning shots over at his blog and I still marvel everytime I see them. Shooting lightning is as much about being in the right place at the right time as it is about photography and Mike sure has a knack for both. Check out his latest shots over at his blog.

That’s all for today. Have a great Wednesday and stop back again this Friday for something new.


  1. Jeff,
    Another way to use the Ipad is to connect an external compact flash reader. When you put your camera’s memory card in to the card reader, you can select all or select certain photos to import to your Ipad. It’s a nice way to review photos during a photo shoot. Once you get the photos from the reader on to the Ipad, it’s easy to tap photos to delete the ones you don’t want to stay on the Ipad.


  2. I’m not that excited about the new Touch. I’m still waiting for a better camera, but they don’t want to compete too much with the iPhone.

    The latest Touch camera is only VGA, so very inferior in comparison to the iPhone’s 5MP. I guess I’ll have to wait until the next gen, and perhaps by then the iPhone will be at 7-8MP, so Apple will put the 5MP in the touch. THEN I’ll be excited too!!!


  1. Norm Zarr says:

    Catching Up On Some News: If you want to get some inside scoop from someone that really knows HDR photography you …

  2. Catching Up On Some News: If you want to get some inside scoop from someone that really knows HDR photography you …

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