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Mandalay Bay

Photo by muffinman71xx

Are you a photographer? Have you been thinking about creating a photo blog to show off your stuff or just increase your presence on the web? Are you going to be in Las Vegas next week? If you scored a three out of three on the YES meter then you need to get yourself to Photoshop World next Thursday so you can sit in on the Blogging for Photographers class hosted by Scott Kelby. This isn’t necessarily going to be a “how-to” class. It’s actually going to be more of a panel discussion featuring Scott, Matt Kloskowski, some other cool photo bloggers, oh yeah, and me.

This class is part of a new track of classes this year at Photoshop World called Social Media and Business. This is a one-day only track with classes that focus on being successful on-line with classes like: Selling Photos (And Yourself) Online, Tweeting with Authority, Why Should I Be On Facebook?, and my class, Blogging for Photographers. There are also two classes by the legal/copyright duo of Ed Greenberg and Jack Reznicki called The Copyright Zone and Model, Minor & Property Releases. You can read more about the Social Media/Business track by clicking here.

Don’t forget that you can now, for the first time ever, buy a one-day pass for any of the three days of the conference (more info here). So if you can’t make it to the entire conference, maybe you can still squeeze in one or two days of PSW goodness. And if that one day happens to be Thursday, I hope I’ll see you at the photo blogging class. It should be a lot of fun.


  1. Classes like this seem to be more relevant all of the time. Glad you are going to make it to PSW (hopefully that means you made good progress on your book). Hope to see you there. -Craig


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