Friday Wrap-Up

Canon Launches the 60D –

The rumors had been swirling around the ether for quite a while and now it’s official, Canon has launched the new 60D into it’s family of DSLR cameras. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was working on my first book on the 50D. It was a very successful camera for Canon and for good reason; it was a solid camera that took great images. Now it seems that the 60D will be poised to carry on that tradition by bringing some great features to the table.

Of course it’s almost a foregone conclusion that the 60D would have video. 1080P comes standard with manual camera control, sound recording level adjustment, and an external mic jack. Other goodies include an 18MP sensor with a DIGIC 4 processor, in-camera RAW to JPEG conversion, expandable ISO to 12,800, 5.3 frame per second shooting speed, and a cool variable angle LCD screen that packs over 1,000,000 pixels.

Retail price for the camera is listed at $1,100.00 for the body only. You can read more about the 60D over at the Canon EOS website. And while you are there, be sure to check out the new L-series lenses that were also announced yesterday.

Alien Skin releases 64-bit Bokeh 2 Software –

I just downloaded my copy of the new Bokeh 2 software and I have to tell you that the folks at Alien Skin have really taken this great plug-in up a few notches. I don’t want to say too much because I am going to post a review next week but here’s a video from Alien Skin that will give you a little insight into some of the new features.

How to “shoot” people


I saw this video over at PixBoomBa, the photography blog run by Nat Geo photographers Bob Caputo and Cary Wolinski. I just couldn’t help but laugh when I saw their short video on how to shoot strangers. It’s pretty darn funny and a good way to kick off your weekend. Click this link to watch the video.

Photo Workshops in the DC area –

If you live in the Washington DC metropolitan area and are looking for some workshops to improve your photo skills you should definitely check out Penn Camera. The folks at Penn offer a full slate of opportunities to learn with Photo Safaris, free mini-seminars like the one next week on portrait photography, camera specific instruction with factory reps, and more. The fees are very reasonable and there are a host of locations to choose from in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Check out the Class & Events page on the Penn Camera website.

Nik Software enters the world of HDR-

I just saw that Nik, makers of all sorts of excellent Photoshop plug-ins like Viveza 2 and Silver Efex Pro, has jumped into the HDR pool with the announcement of their latest product, HDR Efex Pro. I have not had a chance to use it yet but if it’s like Nik’s other plug-ins, it will be something you want to try. Speaking of trying it out, the product will be shipping in October and there will be a 15-day, fully functioning trial available for you to test out. You can read more about HDR Efex Pro at the Nik website.

That’s it for this week. I’m off to Vegas on Monday for some business and then it’s time to jump in to Photoshop World. I hope I see you there!


  1. Jeff – did you also catch the Canon news about the 120 megapixel sensor? ;.)

  2. Great timing. I just went out with D. Luria last night on the evening monuments tour. He did an excellent job of introducing night photography of monuments and dealing with the lighting challenges they provide, then taking us on a walk around the mall and suggesting shooting points and subject matter.

    Seeing old favorite sites at night brought a whole new dimension to them and having his experience helped. For example, while visiting the Lincoln Memorial, he showed us a place to take a picture that framed the Washington Memorial between two columns of the Lincoln.

    I very highly recommend his tours, and would expect that anything Penn camera puts its name to is just as good.



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