Checking Out the LowePro Classified

I’m getting ready to travel again and I wanted to try something different this time for my camera gear. I’m not planning on taking the kitchen sink and I wanted a bag that not only will hold the gear that I need but also makes things more accessible while walking around the street. I also didn’t want it to look like a camera bag, which is why I went with the LowePro Classified 160 AW.

This messenger style bag is actually a top-loading bottomless pit when it comes to camera gear. The bag was designed with photojournalists in mind and allows for quick access of the camera through a top zipper. There’s also room for 3 or 4 extra lenses, a flash, and other gear goodies, all in a smartly designed and well padded package. One of the other things that really interested me was the addidtional padded compartments that are perfect for my netbook and iPad. I also like the fact that it will fit easily in under an airline seat, my preferred storage location for my gear when I travel by air.

The price for the bag is about $130 and is available from Amazon, B&H, Adorama, and many other photo stores where LowePro bags are sold. I’ll be sure to give you a full review when I get back from my travels.

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  • Owin Thomas

    I’ve got the Classified 250AW great bag although a bit too big for my needs now, due to my now having downsize my kit.

    Now I use it as a great overnight bag after removing the inside padding ;-)

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