A Spot Removal Tip with Lightroom

Have you ever processed an image and then made a print only to find that you missed some dust spots and then you have to go back and do it all over again? I know I have but i have a little trick I use to find all those dust specks, even in hard to find locations. It’s not real complicated but it has saved me from having to go back and clean up hard to find spots.

  • http://www.biodiversityinfocus.com/blog Morgan Jackson

    Great tip Jeff, thanks! Something you might want to try is when you’re in 1:1 mode press the page down button and you can scan through the photo without needing to guess with the preview area. It’ll even cycle from the bottom of the photo back to the top of the next “row” to check!

  • http://4pphotoblog.blogspot.com/ Craig Lee

    That’s a good tip. Thanks, Jeff.

  • http://www.jfpphotoblog.blogspot.com/ John Peterson

    Great tip, that will be something I can really use. Thanks Jeff.

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  • Jake

    I love the page down tip,

  • http://www.wolfnowl.com Mike Nelson Pedde

    Thanks for the tip, Jeff! I was going to suggest using the Pg Up/Pg Down keys at 100% zoom to navigate quickly through the entire frame, but Morgan beat me to it!


    P.S. Did you know you’re only ‘Lightroom Links’ page? http://bit.ly/LRTips

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