Wednesday Updates – Lightroom 3 and More

After months of playing with the Lightroom 3 Beta, the waiting is over. Yesterday Adobe announced that Lightroom 3 is ready to ship and is available immediately. A couple of things you might want to know if you are considering purchasing this latest version is that your LR3 Beta catalog will not update into the final version (although I am starting to hear reports that this isn’t the case and you can import your Beta data. Please let me know if this is the case as I have not yet had time to download the official version and confirm this). You will be able to migrate your LR2 catalogs but if you had a lot of images in the Beta, you will need to re-import them. Another thing you might want to consider is jumping over to NAPP and checking out the Lightroom Learning Center. They have lots of updated videos to cover things that were in the Beta and also changes that are in the final release. You can find out about the new Import Dialog, Tethered Shooting, Lens Correction, Noise Reduction, and a whole bunch of other new features in this latest release and it’s all FREE.

Finally, if you were considering purchasing Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5 you need to check out the deal below to save yourself 30% off.

30% off Lightroom 3 with purchase of Photoshop

Photo Mechanic Gets an Update –
Camera Bits, Inc. has unveiled a bundle of new improvements for users of its popular Photo Mechanic™ photo browser and workflow tool. Features found in version 4.6.4 of Photo Mechanic are designed to increase the speed and ease with which photographers can browse, caption and manage large digital photo collections.
Along with the popular features released in version 4.6, including Live Ingest, geo-tagging and upload templates to services like SmugMug and Flickr, version 4.6.4 offers even faster browsing and new support for RAW files captured by the popular Olympus E-P2 and E-PL1 cameras as well as Phase One models, and recognition of extended range ISO values (Lo and Hi) for Nikon cameras like the D3S.  The new version also enables new advanced workflows when combining Photo Mechanic’s unique “variables” and “code replacements” features, such as the ability to split still images from movie files during ingest to aid the import of video clips into Final Cut Pro using Canon’s EOS Movie plugin-E1.
You can download a 20-day trial of Photo Mechanic for your Mac or PC by visiting the Camera Bits web page.

Sandisk Launches Professional Photography Contest on Facebook –

SanDisk Corporation announced that it will launch a professional photography contest on the SanDisk Extreme Team Facebook page starting June 8. Participants will be able to submit photos in four different categories – Nature, Wedding/Events, Action and Fashion. The Facebook community of SanDisk Extreme Team Facebook fans can vote for their favorite photos, and a SanDisk panel of professional photographers from the SanDisk Extreme Team will review the quarterfinalists and select the contest winners.

The grand prize winner will be offered a one year spot on the SanDisk Extreme Team and the grand prize winning photo will be exhibited in the “Winner’s Circle” gallery showing during the PhotoPlus Expo in New York City. The four finalists, the winners of each category, will each receive a $1,000 cash prize and their photos will be featured in the online Winner’s Circle gallery. Eight runners-up will receive $250 worth of SanDisk imaging cards and their photos will be featured in the online Winner’s Circle gallery. For more details make sure you check out the SanDisk Extreme Team Facebook page.

Spider Holster Announces New Adaptors –

Finally today, Spider Holster has announced a series of new cross-platform adaptors for its increasingly popular Spider Holster System. New adaptor kits allow users to securely attach their SpiderPro holster directly to ThinkTank and Lowepro belt systems, and a new dove-tail quick-release plate allows users of Arca-Swiss-style ballheads and tripods to transition from holster to mount much faster. These new adaptors are the latest addition to Spider Holster’s effort to enable Spider Holster users to incorporate the system into their existing gear collection and workflow.

I will be getting one of the Spider Holster Systems soon and I plan on giving it a test drive during the World Wide Photowalk in July. I will be certain to give you a full report after the fact. If you would like to see the Spider Holster system in use, check out the video below and then head to their website for even more demonstration videos and info on the new adaptors (click here).


  1. What leads you to believe we can’t use our LR3 beta catalogs? I opened m large beta catlog in the final with no problems. Am I in for problems?

    • A friend at Adobe told me that the official version of LR3 would not import the Beta catalog so I was going on that information. That’s good news if you were able to do so. I used my beta sparingly based on the fact that I was told that it wouldn’t import it. Thanks for the update Brian.

      • I am glad they they worked through it! The catalog I am using has over 15,000 photos. I had a backout plan but really didn;t want to use it. I didn’t have to go through an ‘import’ operation, just installed the final version on my Mac LR3 began using the catalog I created in the beta.

  2. My LR3 Beta 2 catalogs have been importing just fine so far. I’ve tried at least 3-4 of them.


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