My Father’s Day Gift Guide

With just a little over a week before Father’s Day, I thought it might be fun to list some of my favorite goodies that might be of interest to the Photo-Dad in your life. Of course it’s hard to beat a hand-made card and a finely sculpted clay thingamabob, but here’s a few suggestions, just in case.

If you really want to rock Dad’s world, there is one very cool gift that is sure to fit the bill, the iPad. I have had mine for just over a month and it is already an integral part of my everyday life. Prices start at $499 for the 16GB wi-fi version and go up to $829 for the 64GB wi-fi + 3G (there is also a monthly fee for 3G data service but no contract is required).

Already have an iPad You might consider giving him the Camera Connection Kit for about $30. The cool thing about this kit is that it contains two adapters, one for SD cards and a second for connecting a USB cable between your camera and iPad. I have used both connectors and they work like a charm.

If Dad needs a place to stash a few lens while out on a shoot, you should check out the latest bag from GoBoda called the Boda V3. The BODA V3 is fully weather-proof, and includes easily accessible, accurately sized pockets for everything you might need during a leisurely photowalk. You can pick one up for about $200.

If you notice that Dad’s photos are off color just a bit, maybe he just needs a little help with his color correction. One of the easiest ways to take care of this problem is buy using a gray card like the WhiBal White Balance Reference Card. I just love this card and it is so easy to use. I just throw it in the scene for a shot and then a correct balance is just one click away in Lightroom or Photoshop. You can pick up the 3.5″x6″ version for about $37.

So what if the colors are right but they just don’t look good on Dad’s monitor. Chances are that he needs a little calibration and the easiest way to do that is with the ColorMunki Photo – Monitor, Printer & Projector Profiler. This handy little device from X-Rite will not only make you monitor look better, it will also let you create custom print profiles so all your prints come out looking fantastic. The ColorMunki is available for $450.

Want to help Dad get a closer look at things? Then you should hook him up with a Canon 500D Close Up Lens.Instead of carrying around a macro lens, just screw this piece of glass on the front of your lens to get amazing close-up images. I always like to keep one in my camera bag just in case. Thee is one caveat with this accessory, it is a screw-on filter so you will need to but it by filter size. I use the 72mm but it’s available in a large assortment of sizes so make sure you check the screw filter size on your lens before ordering. The 72mm Close-Up lens will run you about $190.

Ever run out of juice on your phone and not have a way of recharging? Well, if you carry around a JuiceBar you may never have that problem again. The JuiceBar’s internal Li-ion battery can be re-charged via USB connection or via the built-in solar panel. This arrangement gives you maximum flexibility while traveling or computing. It’s a pretty sweet deal at just $49.

If Dad’s eyes are like mine, that LCD screen on the back of the camera is getting harder and harder to see. no one likes to shoot while wearing reading glasses but your Dad can look cool and improve his LCD vision by sporting a Hoodman HoodLoupe. The great thing about the HoodMan is that it has a diopter adjustment so even old eyes like mine can see the rear LCD screen with crystal clarity, even in bright sunlight. You can pick up the 3″ version for $79.

Does your Dad have a new digital SLR that records video? Is he still using the built-in mic to record audio for his videos? If so, you might want to check and see if he has an external audio jack like the Nikon D300S, D3S, Canon 5D Mark II, 7D, or T2i. If so, the easiest way to get quality audio is to add a Rode VideoMic Shotgun Mic. For just $150, he can start recording crystal clear audio that will make all his videos better.


  1. Those are some seriously pricey gifts! Do people really give gifts like this for Father’s Day? We give cards. I’ve never understood the expensive gift thing, especially for very minor holidays like Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Where do people find that kind of money?

    • Deirdre,

      Yes, I agree with you. The blog site and manufactures believe that by showing, writing, and wishing for it, some of these things will be sold. I also do not want any of the above mentioned item. I will buy my own gadgets as I know what I want and need.

  2. Thanks Jeff for the synopsis. I forwarded your post to my loving wife. Nothing wrong with dreaming:) Father’s day, as is Mother’s Day, is very special in our home and always has been.


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