Getty and Flickr Team Up to Help You License Your Photos

Yesterday, Flickr added to their collaboration with Getty Images by allowing its users to now place a “Request to License” link under he license on the image page. If someone wants to use the image, they can click on this link and a Getty representative will send a Flickr Mail to the owner, letting them know that someone wants to license their image.

In order to set up this feature, you must go to the Privacy & Permissions section of the Your Account settings. Located at the bottom of the Global Settings section, you will see Make you photos eligible for invitation by Getty images. Click on the edit tab and then select the Enable the “Request to License” badge section and then save your changes.

Now if someone clicks the license link on your photo page, they will end up at a page that looks like the one below, which explains the process to the person wanting to license the image and then gets them rolling.

Once Getty receives a request, the requester will be put in touch with a Getty representative who will help handle details like permissions, releases and pricing. As the owner of the image, if the price or terms are not agreeable to you, you can simply say no. But if everything looks good, you can end up making a little scratch from your photo through very little effort on your part.

The only thing I don’t like about the License Link is that it is Global in nature. This means that if you turn this feature on, it’s on for all of your images, not just the ones that you would like to make available for licensing. That means someone can contact you about licensing your Thanksgiving photos just as easily as they can for you Landscape work. Not perfect, but then again, maybe I want to make a few bucks off that picture of Uncle Ed carving the bird. Just make sure that everyone at the dinner table signs a release before dessert.

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