You Took That With What???

Photo by Sandy Troiano – Click on it to see a larger version

I was walking by my friend Sandy’s desk the other day when something colorful caught my eye.  She had this great background image on her screen of some incredibly colorful flowers.  It was a great picture and I thought it was something that she downloaded to get herself in the mood for Spring.  When I told her that I liked her screen she smiled and said, “Do you like it? I took it with my phone.”  Needless to say I was shocked.  I have seen some cool pictures from iPhones before but they are usually small images that have been posted on Twitter or Facebook.  This image was filling up a 21″ monitor and it was just astounding.

Maybe it’s because of my history with digital cameras that reaches back to some of the earliest professional cameras to come to the market. I am still finding it hard to believe that the technology has come so far in such a short period of time.  It doesn’t all seem that long ago that I was taking pictures with a Kodak DCS 420 digital SLR camera costing thousands of dollars (about $11,000 in 1994 to be more precise). Now I was looking at something that came from a Blackberry and it was better than anything that ever came out of my Kodak.

It really makes you wonder where we will be in another 16 years.


  1. I think Sandy should bring her camera and her eye to your next photowalk. Like I said yesterday in your poll, my favorite accessory is a good subject.

    Mike Meyer

  2. dave kek says:

    Real artists/photographers dont waste their time on cell phone images.

    • I’m not suggesting that everyone trades in their photo gear for a cell phone. I was merely remarking at how far digital image quality has progressed over the past decade and a half. Although Chase Jarvis might disagree with you.

    • Wow, that’s kinda harsh.

  3. mitch sacks says:

    @dave kek, If you don’t think real artists/photographers use cell phone images your very much mistaken. I’ve seen some amazing images taken by iPhones, and some new cell phones are coming out with 8MP image senors. I’ve seen Scott Kelby post images on his site that were taken with his iPhone, and they are often of very indistinguishable from an image taken with a DSLR. I think the image Jeff posted with this post is awesome. Tell us what’s wrong with the image and perhaps I’ll see your point of view. Recently, Adorama ran an iPhone photo contenst (open to individuals and professionals alike), they received over 17,000 entries. An esteemed panel of judges including Photoshop Guru Scott Kelby, Nikon shooters Joe McNally and Moose Peterson, Canon shooters Eric Meola and Syl Arena, plus popular WFAN radio personalities, former football quarterback Boomer Esiason and commentator Craig Carton chose this year’s winners.


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  9. Yes, this photo was taken with a BlackBerry device:

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