Thursday News and Notables

Is your Photoshop Vulnerable?

I never really new this before but apparently Photoshop is vulnerable to an exploit attack. Yesterday John Nack released information about an update for CS4 that eliminates a vulnerability that could be exploited by a malicious swatch, brush, or gradient file. CS5 is not effected by this vulnerability but if you are using CS4 you might want to seriously consider downloading the 11.0.2 update.  Check out John Nack’s blog for more info.

The Big Apple wants to take a bite out of your wallet -

Do you conduct photoshoots in NYC? if so you might find that your wallet will be $300 lighter if the Mayor’s Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting has anything to say about it. Under newly proposed rules, the city will be charging the fee to anyone that pulls a photography permit. A hearing will be held on June 3rd and I know that there are quite a few photographers lined up speak against this new fee.  I know things are tight all over but what the heck are they thinking? Stay tuned for more as this issue move forward. What’s next, charging a tax on soda? Oh wait, Washington DC is already trying that.

Vincent Laforet talks about the House finally -

You may have heard that the season finale for the TV series House was shot entirely with a Canon 5D Mark II camera. I haven’t seen the whole thing but what I did see looks pretty cool. Of course I’m not really a DSLR video aficionado but I would have to say that Vincent Laforet is. As the photographer who really brought DSLR video to the masses, Vincent probably knows more about shooting with the 5D Mark II than anyone.  That’s why I was curious to get his take on the House finally.  Check out his thoughts and a short clip from the show over at his blog.  You can watch the full House episode over at Hulu.

Better Audio for your Video -

When I was researching the Canon EOS Rebel T2i for my latest book I was really pleased to see that Canon added a jack to plug in an external audio mic.  If you have ever recorded video on a DSLR with the built in mic you know just how bad the audio can be.  For one thing all built-in mics are mono.  That’s not ultimately horrible but the camera noise that is picked up by these internal mics is.  Every zoom of the lens or turn of the focus ring is not only audible but somewhat distracting. That’s why using an external mic is really key to improving your video.  So if an external mic is the ticket to better audio, which mic should you choose? Well, I suggest you check out my buddy Terry White’s tech blog to see his review of the Rode VideoMic.

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