Free Training?

I stole borrowed today’s title from a post I read over at Dave Cross’ blog. Recently there has been a lot of discussion/tweeting about a new online training webinar series and I thought it interesting how people were getting so excited over the prospect of “Free” training.  Some were actually claiming that it was a revolutionary development in the world of training and that this is what it should all be about.

So why did I find this so humorous? Probably due to the fact that there is nothing revolutionary about it.  There is a ton of training out there that is available 24/7/365 and it’s free.  This is where Dave’s blog post comes into play.  Dave, who is an instructor for Kelby Training, points out that the Kelby TV website has somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 hours of online video training available, covering subjects ranging from photography to graphics, and all of it is free.

I know, some of you are probably reading this and calling me a “homer” who has drunk the Kelby Koolaid and I won’t necessarily dispute that fact but when the Koolaid is this good, can you blame me for not taking a big old swig?  But it’s not just Kelby TV that is offering up the freebies.  Adobe has AdobeTV, which offers up a ton of training on pretty much every Adobe product out there.  Some of the videos cover specific tools or features and others get much more in-depth. Speaking of Adobe, Terry White has a fantastic video podcast site with a ton of in-depth training on the Adobe Creative Suite.

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the largest pool of miscellaneous training on the Internet, YouTube.  Want to learn how to use a graduated filter, just type it into the search field and up pops about 60 videos to choose from. If you can think of the subject, someone has probably made a how-to video for it, myself included.

The point is that there is a ton of photography and photo processing training available on the Internet in many different forms and a lot of it is 100% free. So when you find you have some free time on your hands, make sure you check out a few of the resources I have listed and get your learn on.


  1. Yeah to that whole free training thing. Like we’re supposed to be bowled over by marketers such as the Kelby industry for ‘giving’ something away? There’s ulterior motives behind everything, and I mean EVERYTHING (Adobe gets to sell a lot of software because the company makes learning it that much easier, etc. etc.). So when I plunge in to a ‘free’ thing I balance those motives against my gain. The best balance I’ve found on the internet so far is the NIK training series of webinars for their software. Sure, it’s there to sell their software. They’re up front about it. There’s nothing hidden. I like that. Now, THAT is really honest good old American commerce.

  2. Since when is Kelby training free? If so, an I get my $200.00 back for the year?

    And since I suppose you’re talking about CreativeLive. I took one of their web design courses and it’s is more real world than the ones over at Kelby. DON’T get me wrong, I like and enjoy Kelby training, but I also believe that there are other fantastic teachers out there and they shouldn’t be discounted because they aren’t under the Kelby umbrella.


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