Tuesday News Quickies

Hi gang, it’s Tuesday and that must mean it’s time for some news updates.  Here’s what’s happening:

Canon releases Firmware Update –

As promised, Canon has released a new firmware update for the 5D Mark II.  The update is a pretty easy procedure to perform and the benefits should be well worth it.  One big fix is the addition of new video frame rates that will now let you record in 1920×1080: 30fps, 1920×1080: 24fps, and 640×480: 30fps.  Also included in the update is the ability to manually adjust sound recording levels, the ability to display a histogram for shooting movies in manual exposure mode, the addition of Av and Tv modes for shooting movies, and changes to the audio sampling rate.  you can find the update here.

Speaking of video…

There’s a poll over at the Digital Photography School that asked readers if they actually use the video recording feature in their digital cameras.  I wasn’t really too surprised at the results.  I guess that’s because I am still on the fence when it comes to buying a DSLR with video.  Of course the decision will probably be made for me down the road as it seems like every new camera will incorporate this feature in the near future.  Click here to see the results of the poll.

Get Captured by the Light in Kentucky –

Wedding shooter and author of the amazing new book, Captured by the Light, David Ziser, is holding a wedding/lighting webinar this Wednesday.  The actual webinar is already full but if you happen to be in the Park Hills area in Kentucky, you might still be able to snag a seat as part of the live audience.  For more info, check out the registration page.

Orlando Flickr Group is up –

I have created the Flickr Group for my upcoming photowalk in Orlando on March 23rd.  The photowalk will take place in the downtown Orlando area and is open to Photoshop World attendees or anyone that wants just hang out, take some photos, and have a great time.  I will be posting more specific details in the next few days but if you are planning on going, head on over to the group and join.  I am limiting members to just those individuals that are going to participate but the photos will be visible for everyone to enjoy.  You can find the group here.

iPad available for pre-order –

Finally today I ask the age old question, should you pre-order an iPad or just wait a bit.  Pre-orders were opened up by Apple last Friday and people have been jumping at the chance to get theirs right at the opening bell.  The question though is should you take the leap of faith and buy one sight unseen or wait a bit to really find out a bit more.  Of course waiting means that you might have to wait a bit because stocks will probably be depleted in the first month or so after the release.  On the other hand, you will certain get the benefit of hundreds of hands-on reviews as maybe even dodge a few bug bullets by waiting.  So the question is, will you or won’t you take the pre-order plunge.  Cast your vote below.

That’s all for today, have a fantastic day and be sure to rest up for all that Irish stuff tomorrow.

PS – Happy Birthday Alex


  1. The Canon 5D MkII firmware update is currently (18th March) marked as suspended on the Canon Japan website, with lockup
    warnings when shooting in a custom preset mode. C1/C2/C3 and the workround being to
    use auto mode.

    Might be worth waiting for the update


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