Photoshop for Photographers in DC

Yesterday my buddy Scott Kelby brought his Photoshop CS4 for Digital Photographers seminar to the Washington DC Convention Center.  It was a packed house as 800 Photoshop users of all levels packed in to the classroom do watch Scott do what he does best, teach Photoshop.  I had the pleasure of sitting in on the first half of the day and, even though I have seen much of what Scott was teaching, he still managed to squeeze in some new trick and tips that I had never seen before.

The morning kicked off with Scott’s revised 7-Point System for Camera Raw.  If you are familiar with his book of the same name, you know that it was written for CS3 and taught the 7 techniques to make photos look better using Photoshop.  Now in CS4, most, if not all of the 7 steps can be performed using the latest version of Camera Raw.

The second session was all about portrait retouching and it was excellent as usual.  Not only did Scott cover all the finer points of retouching (eyes, skin, face sculpting, etc.) but more importantly the reasons for the retouch.  Scott’s belief is that you don’t retouch a person to make them into someone they aren’t, rather to represent the way you see them in person, not under the microscope of the portrait shoot.  If you haven’t been to one of his retouch classes and you are a people photographer, you definitely need to check it out.

Unfortunately I had to leave mid-day so I didn’t get a chance to catch the afternoon session but I know that everyone that stayed got their money’s worth.  I can definitely say that it was a great primer for Photoshop World and I am more excited than ever to get to Orlando at the end of the month.  Hopefully I will see you there as well.


  1. Michael Preston says:

    I’ll be at Photoshop World, hope I see you there amidst all the hustle-bustle for a quick howdy-do and a handshake!


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    Photoshop for Photographers in DC Photography.alltop

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