Off to Europe

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt

Hey gang, I’m extremely excited because this afternoon I am hopping on a plane for Brussels to spend a few days shooting and hanging out with good friends.  We’ll be cruising from Brussels to Brugge in Northwestern Brussels.  From there we will hit the road again to Utrecht (just outside Amsterdam).  We will spend a few days roaming and shooting around the streets of Amsterdam before finally heading back home.  It’s been a while since I have been able to log some solid shooting time and I am really looking forward to filling some memory cards.  I am going to try and squeeze as much out of this trip as possible.

Due to my travels I will probably not be blogging on a regular schedule but I will try to keep the updates coming as often as possible. If you have any suggestions on shooting locations or must-see locations, please leave me a comment.


  1. Have a safe and fun trip. Never been to Brussels and Utrecht (although it’s only a few hours by car away from me), so I am looking forward to your pics. Greetings from Germany!

  2. Have a fun trip. I’ve been to Brugge and you’ll love it.

  3. Jeff,

    I’ve been to Utrecht several times. Great city. The Old Town is near the train station (Utrecht Centraal). Search Google Maps for Dom Tower and that will put you in the center of it.

    Walk that area, and stay within the canal loop. You’ll see some great places to photograph. I’ve included a link to my favorite Utrecht picture, this from a bridge over the canal near the main post office. By the way, there’s a large square (plaza) next to the PO that has some great restaurants and often some entertainment on the weekends.

    If you have time for a canal boat tour, you’ll see lots of very interesting sights from a vantage point not otherwise available. It is also a good way to get an overview of the area. This link shows a photo taken from the boat.

    You can catch the canal boat across the street from the place I took the picture in the first link. (In other words, at the end of the canal boat ride, passengers are coming towards the bridge I was standing on.

    Have fun.

    PS Streets have car lanes, bike lanes (everyone travels by bicycle — the bicycle parking lots will amaze you) and sidewalks. Pedestrians in the bike lanes are fair game. Be careful.

  4. Wow Steve, Lots of great info. I’ll be sure to check out these spots while I am there. Thanks.


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