A Few Shots from North Island NAS

While visiting Coronado I got a chance to watch some of the Naval Aviators in action at the North Island NAS.  The air base takes up a large portion of the north end of Coronado and it’s not uncommon to see jets, helicopters, Hawkeyes, and all manor of aircraft taking off and landing throughout the day.  This was especially cool for me to see since my Father-in-Law is a retired Naval Aviator who spent part of his career at this base.

Here’s a few images that I captured while watching from the edge of the runway.  Click on them for a larger view.

That’s it for me this weekend.  I caught a wicked cold, which pretty much kept me in bed last evening.  I don’t know if I am going to be able to go shoot today because I will probably be on the phone trying to change my flight reservations.  I was supposed to get back Saturday but due to the 24″ of snow expected between now and then, that just isn’t going to happen.  Of course there are worse places to be stuck but the weather isn’t supposed to be all that great here as well.

Have a great weekend!

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  • mike meyer

    Nice and close shots. They probably would have been even better if shot from the deck of carrier. I sure wish someone could get me on a carrier. If only I had a friend in the Navy who reads this blog :)

    mike meyer

    • http://www.kentoneyphoto.com Ken Toney

      Mike, need to find a friend or relative in the Navy. They have open house days when civilians are allowed to ride. My uncle was in the Navy and we went out for a 4 hour sail on a destroyer.

      • mike meyer

        Hey Ken, that was actually an inside joke. One of my best friends is in the Navy and very high up. He had us hooked up for a flight out to a carrier and then a cat launch in the afternoon. Unfortunately it fell through. I have been on his carrier Eisenhower back in ’87 and on the USS Mahan in ’04 when he was the Captain of that cruiser. They were both awesome.

        mike meyer

  • http://militaryimagery.com michele p

    Good shots of the Super Hornets on the break… you got some vape!

  • http://www.visualrealia.com Andy

    Love that bottom one.

  • http://www.danielglassphotography.blogspot.com Dan Glass

    Excellent shots Jeff. Once upon a time I worked for NAVAIR and spent a week on a carrier. Everyday I would sit up in vultures row and watch the aircraft come in. Seems so long ago. One of my few published pictures appeared in Proceedings Magazine from that trip.

    That trainer above is super sharp!

    Mike Meyers…..e-mail me.

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