My Lightroom Holga Preset

I was going through some old images in Lightroom, just trying to purge some unwanted images that were kind of suckish, to quote my son, when I saw this shot.

I was getting ready to delete it but instead I started playing with some of the develop tools just to see what I could come up with.  As I continued trying different things, I noticed that I was getting close to something resembling a Holga photo.  I made some more adjustments and came up with this image.

I liked the effect so much that I decided to save it as a Lightroom preset so that I can quickly apply the same treatment to other photos later on.  The best thing about presets is that you don’t have to settle with the look, rather it can be a great starting place to refine the look for each image.

I’m providing this Holga Preset for you to download if you wish (click here to download).  To load it into Lightroom, simply unzip the file and then right-click in the Lightroom User Preset panel (make sure you are in the Develop Module) and click on Import and then just point to the file and you’re good to go.

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  • Linda

    Hey Jeff, thanks for the preset. Just thought I’d let you know the original photo ain’t bad! : )


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  • Jimmcd

    Hey Jeff,

    Nice job on your Holga px. Reminds me of Oak trees in central valley (CA) during some winter mornings.

    Any chance, you’d venture a review on Lightroom 3 beta some time in the future? Just curious….


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  • Chris A.

    Thank you so much for the preset. It’s amazing what it did for the picture. I’ll have to try it on some of my “sucky” pictures (LOL)!

  • vitaliy

    thanks for the preset! never heard of holga ’till now!

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  • robbie

    Pretty cool, definitely has the holga halo around the image thing going on.

  • iamakittehcouch


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