Happy Birthday Photoshop!

Adobe 20th Anniversary Event

I’m going to pull a lame-o move today with a short little post to say thanks to the folks at Adobe for making one of the best programs ever.  I was up very late last night watching the Photoshop 20th Anniversary Event hosted by Scott and the gang at NAPP.  They did a fantastic job with a great retrospective of all the previous versions of Photoshop, all the way back to 1.0.  It was a great trip down memory lane for those of us that have been using it since the beginning.  One of the highlights was Russell Brown’s own wacky look back.  He had me laughing out loud.  The show ran pretty late for those of us on the East Coast, wrapping up around 12:30 am this morning, which explains the brevity of this post.  If you weren’t able to catch the live event you can watch the video recap at the NAPP 20th Anniversary site (it might take a little time to get the video up so if it’s not there, check back later).

Once again, congratulations to Adobe and all of those involved in making Photoshop the awesome application that has transformed the world of graphics and photography over the past 20 years.  I can’t wait for the next 20.


  1. I was there last night and it was really cool. It was great actually seeing Corey Barker walking through the attendees before the show and Dave Cross handing out the shirts and posters at the end of the night. The nice giveaway was the Moleskin Organizer that had PS etched into the cover. Great night.


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