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After getting back home I finally got a chance to run an image set through the new HDR PhotoStudio on my Mac.  I wrote a post the other day announcing the release of the new Mac version of this software.  I finally downloaded a copy while sitting in the airport in San Diego and installed it on my system.  I decided that for my first test I would process a group of images that I had just worked with a few days previously in Photomatix Pro.  I loaded the bracketed images and began working my way through the processing, which is very different from the workflow in Photomatix.  After working with the different controls for a while, I came out with a result that was quite different from most HDR images I had previously created.  The difference was that the version processed in HDR PhotoStudio was extremely photo-realistic, but with the expanded detail in the highlight and shadows that defines the very purpose of shooting HDR.  This is especially true in the shadow areas, which are full of detail without being overly lightened.

Here are the results from both Photomatix Pro and HDR PhotoStudio, as well as the Normal exposure right out of the camera.

Processed in Photomatix Pro

Processed in HDR PhotoStudio

Normal image out of the camera


  1. That is very interesting Jeff. I think the “normal” image out of camera points up the need for HDR. The Photmatix version has that classic This Is An HDR Image look about it though it does have the detail. The HDR Photostudio version may even please those who currently won’t go near HDR.

    I wouldn’t judge it on the basis of one image from another photographer but I think I now have to check out this new kid on the block.

  2. Yes, it certainly looks more photorealistic. But, how much effort and mouse clicking was involved? What did you think of the GUI of HDR PhotoStudio versus Photomatix Pro?

  3. mike meyer says:

    I don’t care about the HDR. I’m just glad you’re finally back home. And now another big bad storm is upon us.

    mike meyer

    ps: yeh, the HDR looks great.

  4. The Photomatix version definitely “pops” more than the other images. Depending upon your taste, that could be a good or bad thing. I also downloaded HDR PhotoStudio on my Mac and I’m giving it a try. I’ll need to read the instructions more closely, as I’m unclear how to invoke the Recipes and some features.

    It may be a matter of keeping both products. Sometimes you want the pop, sometimes you don’t.


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