An Easier Way to Navigate Photoshop World

The other day I saw that my buddy Scott Kelby had debuted the new iPhone App for Photoshop World and since I recently registered I thought I would give it a whirl.  I figured that it would be good but I wasn’t prepared for just how good.  This is a great app!  Granted, it’s not something that I’ll need after the conference is over but I guarantee you that it will get a lot of use up to that point.  The thing that most impressed me is the way everything is so logically laid out.  It just makes using it so intuitive.

When you open the App you are met with the NAPP splash screen with all the navigation options.  I decided to jump right in and start picking out my classes by clicking on the View My Schedule link.

Splash Screen

From there I started adding classes by sliding down the screen until I came to the first vacancy.

Find the empty tile slots

A quick swipe of the finger on the vacant time slot took me to a list of all the classes in each track.

Class schedule by track

If I wanted to learn more or select a class all I had to do was tap it to open up a screen with more information about the class including the date, time, instructor info, classroom location, and a small About section that could expand for even more info.

Class info

To add the class to my personal schedule I just tapped the plus sign at the top and I was asked if I wanted to add just that class or all the classes in that Track.

Not only is there a complete conference schedule but also a complete list of classes, including those in the Expo Hall.  Speaking of the Expo Hall, there’s even a list of exhibitors that I can check out, just in case I want to find my favorite gear manufacturer on the show floor.

Exhibitor info

I just hit some of the main features but there is even more to this app and it is sure to keep you informed and on the right track.  If you are going to Photoshop World in Orlando and you own an iPhone or iPod Touch, you absolutely need to download this free app.  You won’t know how you ever managed to navigate PSW without it.


  1. I tried to download this app and got a message that it won’t work on my version of the iPhone. Bummer! Is there another app for me?

    • Kay, have you updated your iPhone Operating System? I have a 1st generation iPod and it works flawlessly on it but I am running version 3.1.3. You should check to see what version you have loaded on your phone. If it is an old version, I would recommend updating if for no other reason than to have the latest security patches on your phone. You should be able to see the version by opening the Settings app and then go to General – About and then scroll down and find the Version. You should be able to update via iTunes on your computer.

    • Hi MsKaty,

      The app should work on any iPhone/iPod touch hardware, but requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 (released in October) or later. This should be a free software upgrade for all iPhones, and a $5 upgrade for iPod Touches running earlier versions. (

      What version of the OS are you running? An upgrade is non-destructive, so it should resync all of your apps and content after you upgrade to 3.1.2


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