Using the Viveza 2 Plug-In from Nik

Thanks for your patience while I worked out my small video issue.  So today I am going to give you a quick guided tour of the Viveza Plug-in.  I tried to hit most of the major features to show you how you just how quickly you can can use the powerful features of this software.  If you would like to learn more about Viveza 2 and all the other great Nik Plug-Ins, check out the Nik website and give their 15-day free trial a spin.


I forgot to include this in the video but there is one other feature in the Viveza 2 plug-in that really kicks butt.  If you turn convert your image into a Smart Object in Photoshop before using the plug-in, Viveza 2 will act like a Smart Filter.  This means that after you apply your changes, you can go back into the Viveza dialog box and rework them if you desire.  How cool is that?

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  • Craig Thoburn

    Thanks for the video Jeff. I was hemming and hawing about upgrading, but it looks like it is definitely worth it. (Drug my feet with CS4 as well and I haven’t looked back now that I have it.)

  • Don Simpson

    This software seems redundant. Can’t see a thing it does that PS won’t. Color Effects and Silver Effects are worthwhile, this one not so much.

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