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I know, I just talked about my books yesterday and I certainly don’t want to sound like some shameless self-promotion hound but I saw this after writing yesterday’s post.  A few months back I sent a copy of my 50D book to Jason over at CanonBlogger to get his opinion on the book.  I mean after all, he is the CanonBlogger.  Yesterday evening I got word that Jason had posted a review on his site.  He gives a pretty thorough accounting of the book and even called me out on one item that differs from his processes.  To see the review and to read Jason’s great articles and check out his podcast, head over to

Apple revs up for Wednesday Release –

I was over at one of my favorite Mac blogs yesterday, Cult of Mac, checking out some pics of the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco as preparations continued for the highly anticipated product announcement tomorrow.  The speculation is that Apple will finally unleash their iSlate, iTablet, iWhatever.  I have been following the chatter on this for some time and I have to say that I am kind of excited about it if I am to believe many of the rumors that have been circulating.  Here’s what I have gathered from most of the reports.

The new device will look more like an iPod Touch on steroids rather than a tablet computer.  One of the main features will be its ability to function as an eReader.  Unlike many of the eReaders on sale now from Amazon (Kindle) and Sony (eReader), Apple’s device will feature a large, full-color screen that will let you read things like magazines and books in all their technicolor glory.  I’m also guessing that there will be an addition to the iTunes store, possibly iBooks, that will let you link wirelessly via the tablet right to Apple to download readable content.  I think this is the technology that might actually breath new life into the magazine business by allowing people to subscribe and download their issues monthly, without printing and shipping costs. I for one would love to have all of my current magazine issues show up monthly in one device that gives me the same full-color experience that I get from the paper versions.  The tablet is also speculated to have other features similar to the iPod Touch like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, music, video, and apps galore.  The other big difference between this product and other digital readers on the market, besides the color screen, will probably be the price.  Many of the readers currently on the market are are priced under $350 but the Apple is anticipated to run somewhere around $800.  This is one rumor that I am hoping is not accurate.

Speaking of Rumors –

If you are one to listen to the chatter on upcoming camera releases then you have surely heard about spculation that Nikon will release a new version of the D700, dubbed the D700x.  The X stand for the higher resolution (24MP) FX sensor found in the D3x that would replace the standard 12.3 MP FX sensor.  Other rumors include the inclusion of hi-def, 1080P video capture, and a pricetag of around $4000.  I, for one, am truly hopeful that this won’t be the case.  Currently the D700 is one of the best cameras on the market.  The $2700 pricetag is actually a little over-priced IMO since the Canon 5D MII is comparably priced and includes video and twice the pixel count.  The other thing that would disappoint me is the loss of a great camera at the expense of more pixels.  The beauty of the D700 is its ability to capture super-clean, full frame images at high ISOs, just like the D3.  The D3x has a much lower ISO range due to the smaller pixels necessary to squeeze more resolution into the same space.  What I would prefer to see from Nikon is two camera releases; one with the new chip from the D3s that includes video but maintains a sub 3K price, and one that puts the high-res chip from the D3x and 1080P video into the D700 style body with a price of around 4-5K.  I think this price per feature would keep Nikon competitive with other manufacturers cameras while servicing the needs of a broader DSLR user-base.

I guess we will just have to wait until PMA to see for sure.


  1. Argh – now see, I didn’t want that to read as “calling out” anything – just one thing I would have done a bit differently. I know you put a ton of time, energy, blood, sweat, and tears into all of your writing. I know because I’ve tried and have petered out before getting to the end of the road and actually publishing!

    It’s a great read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. What Nikon needs is more full frame lenses at reasonable prices (in the $ 900 – 1200 range). Surely they can match Canon.

    • You know what else would be great from Nikon are some new prime lenses. Canon definitely has the edge there. Where’s the good old 50 f/1.2 or a newly designed 85 f/1.4. Now that would be something.

  3. Any plans for Canon 7D book?

    • Hi Leroy,
      There is a plan for a 7D book but it will probably be written by a different author. I just don’t have time to write them all. I’ll be sure to announce it when it is finalized.

  4. Jeff, Could you please direct me on how to update my camera the way Jason was speaking of in his review? I left a comment on his site asking him and have not had a reply. My camera really needs to be updated and I have not had any luck with the suggested way in the book.

    Thanks Tracy


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    Book Review From CanonBlogger and More Photography.alltop

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    A new review of my 50D book and some rumor mill fodder.

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