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I Can See Clearly Now – Dioptric Adjustment

The other day I was taking some pictures for the new book when I noticed that things just weren’t looking sharp.  I’m not talking about the images coming out of the camera, rather the actual scene I was looking at through the viewfinder.  At first I thought it was the lens focus but all of […]

Apple iPad – Is It A Game Changer?

For me the answer is a simple yes.  Forget all of the chest beating going on by everyone that was disappointed with the name or the lack of a camera or the inability to multi-task.  Many of these things that you hear people complaining about are visions that were dreamed up by someone else with […]

Is your Focus Letting You Down

Have you ever looked at one of your images that was taken with a wide-open aperture setting and noticed that the focus is off?  Maybe it appears to be behind where you thought you focused?  This may be due to the lens system doing something called back-focusing.  Usually it’s not extreme and only really noticeable […]

Book Review From CanonBlogger and More

I know, I just talked about my books yesterday and I certainly don’t want to sound like some shameless self-promotion hound but I saw this after writing yesterday’s post.  A few months back I sent a copy of my 50D book to Jason over at CanonBlogger to get his opinion on the book.  I mean […]

Announcing the Next Book in the “Snapshot to Great Shots” Series

Late last week I received a package from my friends at Nikon that will help me to usher in the next installment of the Snapshots to Great Shots series of camera/photography books from Peachpit Press.  That’s right, I am working on another Nikon book and this time the D3000 will be the focus of my […]