Tuesday Updates

Terry White Launches a New Site –

You may have aleady heard the news but Terry White of Terry’s Tech Blog has launched a new website that will be of great interest to all you iPhone and iPod Touch users out there.  Spring-boarding off the popularity of Terry’s weekly Friday feature called App of the Day, Terry has kicked it up a notch by dedicating a whole site to reviewing great new iPhone Apps.  Terry has a real eye for finding the most helpful apps and now he has a great showcase for bringing us his latest discoveries.  You can find his new site at BestAppSite.com.

Last Minute Gift Ideas –

My buddy Jason over at CanonBlogger has some great last minute gift ideas for the photographer in your life.  The great thing about his suggestions is that they are the type of thing that you can buy and then just slip a note into a card as a stocking stuffer.  You can find his gift list here.

Adobe Releases New Camera Raw and Lightroom Updates –

Late last week Adobe finally released an update for ACR to handle some of the hottest new DSLR cameras on the market.  Included in update Ver. 5.6 is support for the Canon 7D, 1D Mark IV, G11, the Nikon D3s, Sony A500 and A550, and a few others.  Remember that this update is only good if you are using Photoshop CS4.  For those of you that are using an older version of Photoshop, don’t despair, you can still process your raw files.  You just need to use the Adobe DNG converter to change the raw files to the Adobe DNG format, which still gives you the same functionality as a raw file.

As for all you Lightroom 2 users, you can now download the 2.6 update that will give you the ability to process the same raw files as those in the ACR update.  For all of your update needs, check out the New Downloads section over at Adobe.

Newsworthy Photos –

With the decade coming to an end, there is a lot of reflecting going on.  One of the best recountings of a crazy first ten for the millennium is over at the Boston Globe’s photo blog called, The Big Picture. The collection of images titled The Decade in News Photographs does a great job of remembering some of the top news stories from the last 10 years as told through the lenses of photojournalists the world over. You can find all the amazing pics here.

Do You Have Bad Ideas? –

That may not be such a bad thing.  Check out these words of wisdom from one of my favorite smart people, Seth Godin.  Seth is the author of a dozen books on marketing but his wisdom easily spills into many other facets of life.

That’s it for today.  Have a great Tuesday and remember you have until January 3rd to buy a raffle ticket for Scott Kelby’s signature guitar to help raise money for the Springs of Hope Orphanage.


  1. Speaking of last minute gifts… I just picked up a copy of your Canon T1i book for my mom (dad got her the camera to go with it) another great book in the series. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas holiday. -Craig


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