Another Watermark Option for NAPP Members

Last week I posted a quick tutorial on watermarking images in Photoshop using a simple action.  There is another option for creating dynamic watermarks for your images.  There are two caveats though, the first is that you need to be a NAPP member and secondly, you have to be using Photoshop CS4.  Here’s the deal, a few months ago the great folks at NAPP created a new Watermark Creator that will allow you to place a watermark image on your image or you can apply it to a folder full of images.  The reason that you need to be using CS4 is due to the fact that the Watermark Creator is actually a custom panel that was made using the Adobe Configurator.

creator panel

The next thing that you will need to do is create the file that you want to use for your watermark and save it to your hard drive.  Then you can select that file as your source for making the watermark (step 1).

watermark file

The next step is to select the images that you want to apply it to. This can be a folder of images or an image that is already open in Photoshop (step 2).

The third step in the process is selecting the location for your new watermarked images (step 3).

Next you will need to select your watermark position and style.  For my thin banner watermark I have selected to have it position in the bottom-left corner with no offsets so that it positions right in the corner of the image (step 4).

The last steps include setting the export options (step 5) and then running the creator (step 6).  There is also an option to preview the watermark prior to running it so that you can tweak your settings.

Preview Watermark Creator

It’s a great way to quickly put your mark on your images and help protect your brand.  If you are a NAPP member you can find the Watermark Creator download file here.  Once you have it set up, make sure you watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use it.  If you aren’t already a NAPP member, head to the main NAPP page and see how you can join and start getting some seriously excellent Photoshop resources.


  1. On a Macintosh use this path:
    Root Directory / Library / Application Support / Adobe/Startup Scripts CS4 /
    Adobe Photoshop / (WatermarkServices.jsx file goes here)

    I can’t find /Adobe/startup scripts CS4 in my root directory. Do you know where the scripts would be if not there?

    • Janet,
      Makes sure you are checking the right Library path. There is a similar path in the User folder. You need to make sure that you are starting your search from the hard drive folder and then you should be able to locate it.


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    Another Watermark Option for NAPP Members

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