Lightroom Before and After

Unfortunately I have a lot of things going on this week so I don’t have time for a lengthy post but I did want to share this with you.  I was spending a little time in Lightroom with a few images that I shot out in Nevada and I decided to see how far I could take this one particular image in Lightroom alone.  So here is the before image as it looked right after import to Lightroom.

Click on the photos for a larger view


Now take a look at the processed shot.  This is not Photomatix or Photoshop.  All this was accomplished simply by moving a few sliders within Lightroom.  It’s not only a testament to the power of the program but also to the amount of dynamic range that is contained in a RAW digital image.


That’s all I have time for today but tune in next week when I will let you know what I think of my new Acer Aspire One Netbook.  Maybe I’ll even have time to show you how I moved those Lightroom sliders.

Have a great weekend!

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  • George Osborne

    An unbelievable conversion of contrasting light, how did you do it? I have a number of “failed” shots that I took earlier this year in Australia were the contrast was too much for the camera and I did not have the presence of mind to try taking bracketed shots to try making a HDR image plus I was being eaten alive by the bugs. I have kept the RAW images for when I further develop my skills then I may be able to accomplish what you have done. I really enjoy your blog and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    George Osborne

  • Dustin Stone

    I am so impressed with Lightroom. I processed my first wedding with Lightroom a few weeks ago and I am really in love. Photos that seemed blown out were rescued and are some of my favorites. It’s my new favorite program! Back to the subject, though, I really like the before image (maybe more than the after). It has a nice mood to it.

  • Mike C

    Curious to know how much noise there would be in what used to be shadows? I am very much impressed with your result.

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  • Craig Thoburn

    It really is a testament to what an amazing tool Lightroom has become.

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  • Rich C

    Lightroom and RAW are amazing. I’ve played with strictly using Lightroom as well, and the results are always impressive.

    Cool shot Jeff. I’m a “lone tree” fan. :)

  • JM

    The first silhouette image is so much better. The second looks fake, like crappy HDR. Oh wait. It is fake. It’s processed :)
    Only kidding. the before shot does it for me.

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