Using the New Topaz Fusion For Adobe Lightroom

When I was writing about the post processing I applied to my images in Monday’s post, I mentioned that I used the Topaz Adjust plug-in from Topaz Labs.  It’s what gives my images that kind of pop that really makes them stand out.  Well, I received a question as to whether or not I had tried using Topaz Fusion for applying Topaz Adjust directly from Lightroom.  The answer is yes, I have used Fusion to run the plug-in from Lightroom but no, I didn’t do it for this image.  So today I thought I would show you a video that explains what Topaz Fusion is and how you can use it in Lightroom for applying the Topaz Adjust as well as all the other Topaz plug-ins directly from Lightroom.  I also cover a few reasons why I would want to take my image in to Photoshop before applying the effect.  Also, you should know that the Topaz Fusion is only available for the Mac at this time but they say a Windows version is coming soon.  You can find more info on Topaz Adjust and Fusion at the Topaz website.

Here’s a larger version of the final image as seen in the video.

Topaz Fusion


  1. Hey Jeff

    Cool vid. Nice to see what Topaz can do and how easily it integrates with LR.


  2. Jeff,

    Thanks for keeping me up to date. I had no idea about Fusion. Another thing to run out and grab later this morning.

  3. Hi Jeff
    Great video! What about a follow up vid ion how you selected the skater?

  4. Great video Jeff, thanks! If you had to choose only one Topaz package, would you get the Topaz Adjust Fusion for LR or the Topaz Adjust? I’m assuming that the latter could be used within CS2..

    • Warren,
      If you buy the Topaz adjust for Photoshop, you can download the Fusion plug-in for Lightroom at no cost. You need the Photoshop plug-in to be able to use it in Lightroom. Fusion just allows Lightroom (as well as Aperture and iPhoto) to access and use the plug-in while working in Lightroom. I believe it is compatible with CS2 but you can download a free trial and test it just to make sure.

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Helpful video. Thanks! I was wondering if you would be able to give me your opinion on something. I recently purchased the 4th installment of Topaz Adjust and the fusion software for. I’ve got a big problem, though. When I fire up Adjust from Lightroom, everything runs smoothly until the image opens in Adjust. The colors are off. For instance, a sky that looks blue (as it’s supposed to), will look purple in Adjust. This is before I start playing with the image. Do I have some settings wrong? All the raw files are DNG. I set the external editor settings as recommended. I just can’t figure it out. Any ideas? Thanks!

  6. by the way, I’m using the LED display built into my macbook pro. Also, this problem doesn’t show up if I use Adjust out of Photoshop.

    • Actually Logan, you are doing better than I am. I am also using Ver. 4 on my Mac and I can’t even get it to load out of Lightroom. It shows up in the Fusion panel but then everything just quits back to lightroom. When I open it from Photoshop, everything looks great. I’m sure it’s just a bug that they will work out soon.

  7. Logan and Jeff, does Topaz Adjust work in a specific color space only, or can you select your color space?
    Logan, your problem might be a mismatch of the color spaces between the two programs.


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