Thursday News – I Want My iPod Touch Camera!

I was all excited yesterday because Apple was having one of their big product release press conferences and the buzz around the Internet was that the iPod Touch was going to be getting a camera.  I was all set to sell my 1st Generation Touch so that I could have a nice little 3MP camera handy just like the iPhone.  My Blackberry doesn’t have a camera and I’m not in a position to get a new one (it’s a whole story) but I would probably spring for a Touch replacement if I could have something handy for sending pics to Facebook and Twitter.

I checked in on my favorite techno-gadget website, Engadget, shortly after the press conference started only to have my hopes and dreams come crashing down.  Apple did release a 3rd generation of iPod Touches but none with cameras.  The did drop the price a bit and even added a 64GB model but it was far from the news I had been hoping for.  Then I read the next story which ticked me even more.  They actually put the camera in the freakin’ Nano?!?  Are you kidding me?

I read somewhere that there were plans to put a camera in the Touch but that Apple was having technical difficulties?  So they can squeeze one in the Nano and put one in the iPhone (which is the exact same size as the Touch) but they couldn’t figure out how to get it in the Touch.  Oh well, I guess I will have to hang on to my 1st Gen for a while longer until the techno-whizzy-whizzes at Apple can Figure this one out.

UPDATE – I had a bunch of other news to share but my WordPress crashed on me and this first story was all that was saved.  Since I value the 4 hours or so of sleep that I get each night, I will bring you the rest of my news stuff tomorrow.


  1. I’m exactly the same. Completely deflated. It’s been a long time since Apple completely left me feeling so flat about a product update. I’d rather they had said it was coming (the touch with a camera), than what they actually did. I mean why bother, it’s the crappiest update ever. They should have stuck with the 2nd gen. touch rather than this.

  2. I agree completely. I was watching the live blogging during the Apple event yesterday just hoping for a camera and GPS in the iPod Touch. I already use my Touch for a mini portfolio and business card while in the field and really wanted the GPS for geotagging and the camera for behind the scenes images. My daughters were also hoping for the new iPod Touch so they could “inherit” my 1st gen model.

    BTW – Thanks for the plug last week. Several folks have already contacted me about my workshop and my blog hits jumped. Gracias!

  3. Mark me down in the disappointed column, too. I’m not an Apple fan at all, but the idea of a Touch with a camera and GPS has had me salivating for quite awhile. Sure, I could get an iPhone, but I don’t want sell my soul to AT&T.

  4. I am also disappointed. My wishlist is radio, camera, gps. Though the new nano is tempting, I guess I will just wait for a better ipod touch. Hope my old nano battery holds up long enough.

  5. HUGE disapointment. The touch really needs to be an iPhone without the phone at least in the high end models. I know they are trying to focus it as a gaming console, but it really is the iPhone for all of those people who cannot or will not switch to AT&T.

  6. I’d like to believe the rumors about the camera problem but Steve claims it’s a gaming platform. Actually I think they don’t want to cannibalize iPhone sales. I too was set to get a Touch IF it had a camera, GPS, & compass. Buy an iPhone you say? Here in western Wis there is nearly zero AT&T coverage. Who wants to drive 10 miles to use the phone? I was looking to replace a very old & tired Palm m505. I want a PDA with some advanced capabilities. I’d hate to bend and do what they want and get the older 8G version just cause its more affordable. Looks like the Nano & Touch are for the younger generation.

  7. I would have liked a Camera, GPS, and HD Radio….oh well guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer 🙁


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    Thursday News – I Want My iPod Touch Camera!

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