The Best Camera…

Best Camera

…is the one I don’t have.  I’m speaking of course about the one that is in the iPhone and also the subject of Chase Jarvis‘ new book, The Best Camera is the One That’s With YouLast week I wrote about Chase’s new iPhone app of the same name.  The app is geared specifically towards processing images made with the iPhone camera and now I have the book that demonstrates just how far you can take your creativity with a simple little 3MP camera.  Chase calls the book a “visual notebook – a photographic journal – from the past year of my life”.  The really amazing thing is that all of the images in the book were processed strictly in the iPhone, no Photoshop whatsoever.

So you may ask, “Why do you have the book if you don’t have an iPhone?”  Good question.  If you take the deeper meaning of Chase’s book you will see that it isn’t about the camera but the opportunities for great images that are around us all the time.  It’s so easy to get hung up in the world of megapixels and lenses and technology in general that the truly great shots are just passing us by.  The other thing you can take away from the book is something that I have heard Jay Maisel preach many times over and that is that you can’t take a picture unless you have your camera with you.  Whether you sport an iPhone or a dSLR or even a disposable film camera, you are always going to be more prepared to get the shot over the person who left their gear back in their camera bag.

This isn’t what most people would consider to be a coffee table book just by the shear size of it (it’s only about 6″x6″), but it certainly will hang out on mine and I expect it to become one of my go-to books for those times when I need a little inspiration.  The photographs are beautiful and simple and very well presented.  Kudos to Chase for the amazing vision and creativity that led to this great book.

By the way, this is just one more reason for me to be ticked at Apple for not putting a camera in the latest version of the iPod Touch.


  1. Try Ipernity…there you can use any telephone if you can mail with it…its better than flickr because you can put and share your .doc

  2. I know! I was ticked the newer one did not come with a camera either. They want people to bite the bullet and buy an iphone.

    But yeah, this idea is really cool. It brings back Henri Cartier-Bresson’s decisive moment which is what got me started into photography back in high school.

  3. I may eventually get an iPhone, but my current phone has a camera in it. And I never use it. I must have heard that quote by Jay Maisel a long time ago because it’s been my mantra for years. And I ALWAYS have a camera with me. For a long time it was my Leica M6, now it’s my D700. Big difference in size, yes, but the only reason I ever miss a picture is because I don’t see it because I’m distracted by someone’s constant inane babbling that distracts me from my mission in life – to take pictures.


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