Friday Roundup

♦ – This has been a busy week for new photo gear releases.  Earlier this week Epson announced the release of their newest printer, the Epson Stylus Pro 3880.  The 17″ printer is an update of the incredibly popular 3800 printer.  This newest version features the UltraChrome K3 inkset with vivid magenta, Auto-Sharing Photo and Matte Black Inks, advanced black and white printing technology, USB and 10/100 Ethernet connectivity, and multiple paper sizes up to 17″ wide.  The really cool thing about this printer is that it isn’t much larger than most 13″ printers.


I would so like to add this printer to my home studio and with a list price of $1495, it’s not that far out of reach.  Check out the Epson site for even more info and while you are there, make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page and check out the interview with legendary photographer Pete Turner.

♦ – The other big news this week was Canon’s announcement of the new EOS 7D DSLR.  The rumor mills were burning up the Internet last week and all the pundits were proved true with the release of a very cool new camera.  The APS-C sensor camera slides in nicely between the 50D and the 5D Mark II with some very cool new camera technology that has never been seen any any other Canon camera including dual Digic-4 processors, a 63 zone metering system, a 19 point focus system, and a pop-up flash that can wirelessly control Canon Speedlites.

I could go into more detail but instead, check out the very nice comparison of the 5D Mark II, the 7D and the 50D over at the Serious Amateur Photography blog.


♦ – As long as you are there, check out the Texas Landscape Safari being led by Jeff Lynch.  Jeff has a fantastic 4-day trek planned through the Texas Hill country.  Combine that with workshops on post-processing and you have the makings of a great workshop experience.  The even is planned from Oct. 18-21 with a cost of $250 per person.  Check out the workshop page for all the details.

♦ – Yesterday I was checking out a new web engine for Lightroom when I happened to stumble across a very cool resource over at Adobe.  It seems that there is a page called Lightroom Exchange that is dedicated to showcasing tons of 3rd party pre-sets, plug-ins, and photo galleries.  The majority of the downloads are free of charge but there are a few “for pay” items mixed in as well.  You can sort the picks by latest, most popular, highest rated, or staff picks.  So if you are looking for some new online galleries or maybe a plug-in to export directly to Flickr or Picasa, head on over to the Lightroom Exchange site and discover something new for your Lightroom workflow.

♦ – Finally today, you need to check out Joe McNally’s blog to see the very cool little contest he’s running called Mystery Photo… Revealed?  So here’s the deal, Joe has posted an image with a very cool 40’s detective murder mystery thing going on (just go see the picture to see what I mean) and he’s giving away an autographed copy of his latest book along with a tri-grip diffuser for the lucky person that can deconstruct his lighting setup.  Having seen Joe in action. I am guess it won’t be as easy as it sounds.  Check out the image and then make you guess right here.


  1. Jeff,

    Thanks for the plug! I appreciate the extra traffic this morning. You should come back home and join me this October.


  2. Jeff,
    Just wanted to say thanks again for the books! I can’t wait to dive in.


  3. Jeff,

    I was going to buy the Canon 50D and your book, but now I’m tempted to go for the Canon 7D. I’d love to be able to capture videos when I want.

    Now my question is do you have a book on the way for the 7D? And just in case it will take a while for it to come out, do you think your book on 50D will go well with the 7D?



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    Friday Roundup

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    Friday Roundup

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