And the Winners Are…

Wow! Thanks everyone for the great response to yesterday’s give-away.  I only wish I had more prizes but I can tell you that, from the response, there will definitely be more give-aways in the future.  As for how I chose the winner, it was simple.  I used a random number generator from Randomizer.Org.  I just entered the total number of comments made and had it generate two numbers from that group.  Numbers were assigned to the comments in the order in which they were made but being a random selection, it didn’t really matter when the comments were posted.  I would have loved to pick by some of the great comments because there were a few that really made me laugh.  By the way, I am a big fan of the movie quotes and there were quite a few of them.  Okay, so now that I have bored you with the selection process, it’s time to announce that the winners of the 3 book give-away are Scott Coulter and Tammie Ford.

Thanks again everyone and now read the next post for some really cool news!

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