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PSW 09

As August speeds to an end, it’s time to turn my thoughts to my favorite event – Photoshop World.  I have already started to plan my visit in more ways than one.  I’m talking classes, parties, networking, and oh so much more.

First, there’s the schedule of classes that always seems to always offer more than I can possibly see.  Here’s a run-down on what I plan on seeing this fall.

Day 1

The Keynote Address – What is usually a lot of boring speaches by talking heads is anything but that at Photoshop World.  The keynote has turned into an event all on its own.  With a full slate of wacky videos, smooth production, and a lot of laughs, the keynote is the perfect tune-up for hitting the classrooms.

First Class – Dreamweaver, Photoshop, and Lightroom taught by my buddy and blog fixer extraorinaire, RC Concepcion.  RC will show how to use these 3 powerful tools to build a website from the ground up.

Second Class – Portrait Retouching Techniques, Part 1 with the man himself, Scott Kelby.  Scott will show how to retouch portraits the way the pros do.

Third Class – The Lazarus Effect – Raising the Dead Pixel with the man from Oz, Vincent Versace.  I have been watching Vinny’s new DVD’s on this technique and what he is able to do with it in bringing life back to the “dead pixel” is fantastic!

After Hours – Finally, I’ll wrap up the day by visiting the after-hours party at the House of Blues where Scott and his band, Big Electric Cat, will rock the house.  If you have never seen BEC you don’t know what you are missing.  They can put any house band to shame. This event requires a separate ticket purchase and they go fast so don’t delay.

Day 2

First Class – Location Lighting with Joe McNally.  Joe is a master at weaving his life experience into an always informative photography lesson and his classes are always on my “must see” list.

Second Class – The Top 10 Things You Should Know in Photoshop with RC.  I missed this class this past Spring and it’s all the attendees could talk about.  Scott said it was so good that he had to give RC a hug afterward.

Third Class – Lightroom & Photoshop Integration with Julieanne Kost.  What can I say, my two favorite programs brought together by one of my favorite folks from Adobe.

Fourth Class – Tips for the Working Photographer with Joe McNally.  This is an all new class and I can’t wait to hear more words of wisdom from Joe.

Fifth Class – Light, Gesture, and Color with Jay Maisel.  Watching Jay give a presentation is enough to make you want to grab your camera and run into the streets.  He Rocks!

I’m probably going to skip the sixth class to grab some dinner so I can get back to the one event where you are guaranteed not to learn anything about Photoshop – Midnight Madness!

Day 3

First Class – Don’t Fear the LAB Mode with Deke McClelland.  Deke has forgotten more about Photoshop than I could ever hope to learn.  Who am I kidding, he hasn’t forgotten a thing and in this class he will attempt to demystify the LAB mode.

Second Class – The Newest on HDR with that guy on a bus, Ben Wilmore.  Ben is an HDR guru and I am looking forward to seeing his latest finds in software and technique for this popular technique that has taken on a life of its own.

Third Class – Create Print Layouts in Lightroom with Scott Kelby.  Scott is like the Lightroom printing evangelist and has taught me more about creating great looking prints than anyone else.  I can’t wait to see what he has come up with this time.

♦ ♦ ♦

Of course I can’t guarantee that this is the exact schedule that I will keep while I am there but that’s the beauty of Photoshop World.  You are completely free to change your mind again and again.  It’s not uncommon to see folks standing in the hallways shifting back and forth as they try to choose between all the great classes.

Other things on my agenda while I am there will be hanging out on the show floor to see all the coolest in software and photo gear.  The Expo has turned into one of the best tradeshows in the industry for those of us that are in the trenches.  There are also stages that will be jam packed with your favorite instructors who just can’t seem to stop teaching.

You might even find me on the Peachpit stage giving some of my favorite Canon and Nikon tips because hey, I have books to sell. 🙂

Finally, I haven’t quite nailed down my schedule but if I have time, I will try to organize a photowalk in some exotic, Vegas-like location.  Don’t worry, it won’t interfere with any of the scheduled classes but might coincide with one of the Pre-Con events.

So that’s my plan.  If you are thinking of going, you should probably take advantage of the Early Bird registration that ends in about 2 weeks.  To start planning your Photoshop World Experience, check out the official website.


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