Worldwide Photowalk Countdown

It’s just 5 short days until we kick off the 2nd Annual Scott Kelby Wordwide Photowalk and I am really psyched!  We had some beautiful weather this past weekend in the DC area so I grabbed my camera and my best photowalking buddy, my son Alex, and headed off to pre-walk my photowalk route to make sure everything was in good shape for next week.  I nailed down the route and the restaurant for the wrap-up and I’m pretty confident that we will have a great time.

I have to warn those that will be accompanying me that this isn’t a route that is necessarily full of beautifully photogenic locations, although there are a few of those spots along the way.  The path that we will follow will be challenging and hopefully make you stretch your skills to find great angles and subjects in a fairly urban environment.  We will be leaving from the Gallery Place/Chinatown metro stop at 7th and H St. NW and then moving up to 8th St. where we will turn North  heading through the TechWorld Plaza towards Mount Vernon Square.  From there, we will circle around the Historical Society of DC building and then East on K St. to 6th where we will then turn South to H St.  We will turn East on H and walk down the heart of Chinatown to 5th St.  From there we will head down 5th to the National Building museum where we will go inside and photograph the interior of this amazing building that contains some of the largest Corinthian columns in the world.  Admission is free (although they do request a $5 donation if you can), and photography is allowed in the Great Hall but not the exhibit rooms. Next, we will head out the other side of the Building Museum and check out the Law Enforcement Memorial before heading back up to H St. to conclude our photowalk at Fuddruckers to hang out and shoot the breeze while we recap the days events.  I have prepared a route map that you can check out by following this link.

My suggestion for photo gear would be to bring a lens or two that will allow for wide-angle as well as telephoto shots.  A tripod isn’t necessary and might actually get in the way.  A monopod might come in handy though.  I also suggest that everyone uses the Metro-rail to get to the photowalk location.  There is parking in the area but most of it is on the street and is metered so riding the rail will most certainly be the easiest way to get to our location.  The Gallery Place/Chinatown stop is located on the Yellow, Green, and Red lines and parking is free at most metro stations.  When exiting the station, be sure to follow the signs to Chinatown not the Verizon Center.  Here is a link to a map that shows all of the Metro-rail routes.  For more information about metro-rail, check out this site.

That’s it for now.  If there are any updates, I will be sure to post them here and on my Official Worldwide Photowalk page.  By the way, I have a couple of late openings for my photowalk due to some last minute cancellations so if you are interested, please register soon.

The Great Hall in the National Building Museum

The Great Hall in the National Building Museum


  1. I was waiting for the slot to be open, I got late initially to register with your photowalk. Just got registered.

  2. mike meyer says:

    Did I miss it somewhere in the text? What time does it start and how long do you anticipate it lasting?

    mike meyer

  3. Excellent photograph, Jeff.

  4. See you Saturday!


  5. Looks like a great route. I love the Building Museum.

    Another landmark that your route walks right past is the Sixth & I Historic Synangogue,

    See you on Saturday.


  6. I’m so excited and really looking forward to the fun. Very nice photograph you took too, Jeff!



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