Check Em Out

Nothing long or complicated today, just a few sites with some great photography that might just leave you inspired to grab your camera and make some art this weekend.

♦ – The first site on my list belongs to one of my photography heroes, the king of wireless flash, Joe McNally.  Joe just recently gave his site an overhaul and it look great.  Check it out here.

♦ – There’s something kind of romantic and nostalgic about good black and white street photography.  That’s what I found when visiting the site of German photographer Michael Vesen.

♦ – If you are a fan of HDR photography you will definitely want to have a peek at HDR Creme.  Aside from the forums and tutorials and other such things, there is a gallery of almost 7000 images.  Plenty of HDR goodness (and some not so goodness) to keep you busy for some time.

♦ – Did you ever see an image on a web page and think that it would be cool to show it to a friend but then later you forgot where it was?  Well, if you were using you could tag the image with a simple right-click and then log into your page and find the bookmarked image along with anything else you have tagged.  Not only that, but you can check out other great images that other members are bookmarking.  This is kind of like Digg for images and it’s very cool.  By the way, I’m not sure about other browsers but the right-clicking only works after you install the Firefox Extension.  There is also a browser button that will work for Internet Explorer.

That’s if for this grand Friday.  Have a great weekend and don’ forget to put down that laptop and give your camera a little exercise.


  1. mike meyer says:

    You must be talking about Joe’s long lost Hawaiian brother here. Koe McNally.

    mike meyer

  2. Thanks Mike,
    I don’t know why they put the K and J keys next to each other. You would think they could have seen something like this happening. Curse you QWERTY!


  1. Lot’s of linky-goodness today over at @PhotoWalkPro:

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