Is your DSLR Up to Date?


A couple of days ago I noticed that Canon released some new firmware updates for several of their cameras, the 50D, XSi/450D, and XS/1000D.  Camera firmware acts as the operating system for your camera and controls many of the functions necessary for the camera to operate properly.  Sadly though, most folks never check for updates to this most critical component.  Updating your firmware can not only fix small problems or bugs, such as the vertical banding noise phenomenon in the 50D, it can also add new features or capabilities as well.  In this latest Canon update, the firmware adds  support for the AF assist beam feature of the new flash, the Speedlite 270 EX.

Here’s the crazy thing though, when I was writing my 50D book, I was shocked to find that the process for updating the firmware was not covered in the User Manual.  I then checked the manual for the XSi and found the same thing.  Canon is not alone in their lack of firmware instruction because I couldn’t find any reference in the Nikon D90 manual except for how to check the current version.  I find this pretty remarkable considering how important it can be to have the most current version loaded in your camera.

To find out the actual process for uploading a new firmware version you will need to head to the download section of the Canon website (I did however cover it in my book).  To find out if you need to update, check your current firmware version by looking in the camera menu in the Set-up menu (it’s in Set-up menu 3 on the 50D) and then head to the website to see what the most current downloadable version is.  Click the following links to find the directions for updating as well as the link to the download.

Canon 50D

Canon XSi

Canon XS

Nikon Firmware updates can be found here.


  1. This is something I had only first heard about a few months ago… and I still haven’t searched for updates for my 40D! Thanks for explaining it a bit though… I didn’t know it could be so beneficial.


  1. Jeff Revell says:

    So when’s the last time you checked your camera’s firmware version?

  2. Jeff Revell says:

    So when’s the last time you checked your camera’s firmware version?

  3. Reading Jeff Revell’s post “Is your DSLR Up to Date? Its short and a good reminder

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