Bokeh Plug-In in Action

As promised last week I have made a short video to show off some of the features of the Bokeh plug-in from Alien Skin.  It is such a feature-rich plug-in that I really just scratched the surface with all that it can do.  Hopefully this video will give a little more insight into how it works and some of the results you can expect from it.  If you have any questions, drop me a comment and I will do my best to answer them.  Have a great weekend!

Original image before applying Bokeh

Original image before applying Bokeh

The after shot with the Bokeh applied to the background.

The after shot with the Bokeh applied to the background.


  1. I’ve seen your posts with this particular plugin. My only thoughts are the lack of layered out-of-focus points. It appears to blast equally (under your guidance of course). For this example: there appears to be a wall/ledge in-between the trees and the head-stone. The wall/ledge should be slightly out of focus with the trees totally blasted.

    I might try a couple of my LL baseball images with this plug-in (after I see the cost) just to see what it does on frozen aciton shots. I’ve got a few ball player images with cars parked in the background (just outside the out-field fence) that bugs me. If your interested in playing with some for examples, just shoot me a note.

    ..just my thoughts. Enjoy your site.

  2. This is great. I’m going to check into this plug-in right now. Thankx!

  3. Hi Jeff… I have become a regular reader of your blog but hadn’t commented. Time to stop lurking and start participating. I had been wondered about this software and I have to compliment you on the very nice demo and video. It is so much better to see a product in action. Keep up the good work I learn a lot from your blog and hope to be in a city for a photowalk sometime.

  4. john tee says:

    Thanks for the intro. But I find your presentation long-winded! Basically you could have done it in 5 minutes instead of 13 minutes. Was hoping to see more examples and tricks actually.

  5. Just saw your post regarding Bokeh. You don’t explain why this filter (for the money) is better than Photoshop and a mask, gaussian blur, and gradiant? Is Bokeh going to be any faster? Looks like I still need to create a layer and a mask?

  6. hey jeff what a nice video.. just wondering if you can tell me how you can select the background only completely Im kinda a complete newbie with this but your reply will be so much appreciated. thank you..

  7. Teunis Korteweg says:

    I watched three of the videos and have to complement the maker for the clarity of his themes
    Apart from the clearnes the exposure is not croppeed with lots of data and that is great.
    Thanks. Teunis

  8. Ozymandias says:

    @ Mannedspace

    Couldn’t agree more, the end result just doesn’t do it for me. The drop off in focus needs to be better to look more realistic. There’s something about the final composite that just looks false.

  9. Thanks for the video. But what I dont undestand is if you have to use selection, then why would you need this plugin? It seems photoshop’s lens blur/surface blur can pretty much do anything that is mentioned here aside from some heartshape stuff and adjusting light on the bokeh which isnt very useful.


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  5. Vern Snow says:

    RT @Photowalkpro: Bokeh Plug-In in Action

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