Photowalk details for Boston

It seems as though there was quite a bit of interest in my Boston photowalk so here are all the details.

Date: March 24, 2009

Start Time: 5:00 PM – Several of you have expressed interest in joining the photowalk after your pre-con.  I would like to start the photowalk at a time that would accomodate everyone that is interested but considering the length of the walk and the fact that sunset occurs at about 7:00 PM, I really don’t think we can start any later than 5:00.

Length: About 2 miles – I have laid out a course that will hopefully present as much diversity as possible while still allowing a leisurely pace.

Starting Place: Trinity Church – The actual spot is the clearing on the west end of he church yard at the corner of St. James Ave. and Dartmouth St.  This is about 3 blocks to the North East of the Hynes Convention Center.

The Route: – From Trinity Church we will head NorthWest up Dartmouth to the Charles River Park.  From there, we will head East along the park and then turn South, crossing Storrow Dr. via the footbridge.  We will continue South, crossing Beacon St. and then turn East into the Boston Public Gardens.  We will cross over the lagoon bridge up to Charles St. and then turn South towards Boylston St.  Then it’s West on Boylston to Arlington St. where we will turn North and then West on Commonwealth Ave. where we will follow the Commonwealth Mall back down to Dartmouth St. and then back to Trinity Church.  Check out the map image for a bit more detail.


Click on the photo for a large view

Weather: If you attended the last Boston Photoshop World, you already know that the weather there can be pretty unpredictable in March.  We had rain and snow a couple of years ago.  I am hopeful that we will get some nice weather but if it is raining or snowing, consider the photowalk canceled.  If it’s just cold, then it’s a go.  Just remember to check the weather and dress appropriately.

I am going to limit this photowalk to the first 50 folks that show up.  Any more than that can tend to get out of hand.  I have set up a Flickr group for the event where you can upload your images after the photowalk.  This way everyone can share, which is one of the great benefits of the photowalk experience.  Group membership is by invite so please drop me a comment on Flickr if you are planning on participating.  You can find the group at

If I have left out any info that you need, please drop me a comment here and I will get back to you.  That’s all for now.  Let’s all concentrate on thinking warm sunny thoughts for the 24th of March.


  1. Definitely interested in doing this! It’s my first time in Boston, so I’d love to check out the scenery 🙂

  2. David Rogers says:

    Im in!

  3. Hali Sowle says:

    I’m in too!

  4. Maria Juanpere says:

    will attend

  5. Looks like the first half of the walk I am running! 😉

  6. What Jeff T said .. I will do my best to get there by 5 but 3+ blocks after a class that ends at 5? Might be a tough-y.

  7. Robert DeChiara says:

    I want it!!!! Since it is in my backyard.

  8. Frank Wilson says:

    Count me in – see you there!

  9. Karen Patricia says:

    I’d love to do this, but I’m confused about signing up. Have I signed up by posting this reply, or was I supposed to do something on the Flicker site?

  10. Karen,
    There isn’t a sign-up per say. The Flickr group has been established to share your images with the rest of the group after the photowalk. It would save me some time if you want to join the group now so I can approve you but it’s not necessary for you to join us on the walk.

  11. Hi,

    I will be arriving in Boston earlier in the day and would love the chance to meet up with this group and explore/shoot in this part of Boston. See you all there.


  12. I’d like to sign up but how can it be limited to 50 with out a sign up, I’ll go sign up for the flickr group now. Thanks
    Lisa O.

  13. I got it now you need to be the first 50 to show up. I will try.

  14. I would love to attend. I will try to catch up though. I am taking a pro-con ubtil 5:00 so I will have the directions and will try to catch up.

  15. Sorry I just noticed my E-Mail was wrong. I have corrected it for this post. I hope to attend.

  16. Sign me up for this. I’ll be hanging around all day from 8:30am on at the Hynes and will be at the FOrum Cheesecake Factory and Sheraton lounge Party post this walk. Not actually doing any PreCons!


  17. Robert Domondon says:

    I’m in!


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  2. bruceclarke says:

    For those going to #PSW in Boston, Revell Photography is having a photowalk on the 25th –

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