Creating A Gallery Print Signature Plate

When ever I post an image that has the gallery print border, I get comments on the signature plate that I use.  I picked this one up at Photoshop World a couple of years ago in one of Scott Kelby’s typography classes.  Well, instead of trying to explain how I made it to everyone that asks, I decided that I would do a quick video to show you.  All it takes is a marker, a scanner, and a couple of minutes in Photoshop.  I also demonstrate how easy it is to use in Lightroom once the signature plate has been created.  It’s definitely a great way to personalize your prints.



  1. Dear Jeff,

    I only want to complement, that you can also do the aligning when you “select all” by hitting command/control + a instead of selecting all Layers. This is very useful when you have a multilayered Document. Thank you for another great Tutorial! Keep them coming!

    Greetings from Germany,

  2. Thanks for sharing. Always wanted to do a signature graphic.

  3. Thanks for the help. I do have one follow up question.

    How do you align the image and the signature plate in Lightroom?

  4. Thanks Jeff, nice work

  5. Cash Haggerty says:

    Awesome post! I only wish I had a better looking signature!

  6. Great post today Jeff. I have always want to learn how to do this.

  7. Nice Jeff, great post, very simple.. BUT.. is there a way to do the same thing but have a transparent background rather than solid white?

  8. Great post, Jeff……….Just what I was looking for! I think it was just last week that I posted that very question.

  9. Alan B. says:

    Good one, Jeff. Wondering whether it would make sense to create the signature plate as a .png with a transparent background for more flexibility with different border/mat colors..?

  10. Superb. I frustrated myself crazy for about 2 hours attempting to do this for a customer recently. Now I know how (with a bookmark here) to do it much more easily. THANKS (and yes its meant to be capitalised)

  11. Hello Jeff,
    The thing that is showing the key strokes is that part of the video recording that you are doing or a stand alone app. Great stuff thanks.

    • Hi David,
      It’s a feature of the screen recording software that I use calle IShowU-HD. It’s a program for the Mac and it does some amazing stuff, including picture-in-picture.


  1. DPLife says:

    “Creating A Gallery Print Signature Plate”: LM

  2. How to create a gallery print signature plate in Photoshop #photog

  3. erebusnt says:

    Cool video on creating a signature plate

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