Tuesday Tutorial – Fixing Glasses

Okay, so you had to figure that my YouTube rant meant that another tutorial was on the way.  Well, you were right.  Today’s tutorial came from a fix that I made to an image yesterday and I thought I would share the simple yet effective technique with you.  It involves fixing that sometimes annoying effect that you can get in eyeglasses.  You know, where it shrinks the subjects head inside the lens frame and you see the side of their face where it doesn’t belong.  Well, with a little selecting, copying, pasting, and that handy Free Transform tool, all can be right again.  This technique is so easy that it only took me about 4 minutes total to demonstrate.  Okay, I cut out the selection part because my skill with the pen tool is not exactly legendary, but the rest of the operation goes pretty quickly.  So without further delay, here is today’s PWP tutorial.


  1. Nice technique but I’m wondering why you bother to enlarge both eyes rather than just clone with a protected edge (selection) the dark abberation from the glasses? Thanks.

    • I avoid cloning whenever possible. I would rather use the original pixels rather than copy them from another location. The other thing is that the glasses are actually shrinking the eyes just a bit, which is why you get that edge of the face. By transforming both of the eyes, I am actually making them much closer to the actual size. This is why I went ahead and did both eyes. It didn’t really take that long to do which is why I did it for the entire eye and not just the edge of the face that appears in the lens. But that’s the beauty of photoshop, there’s not just one way to do most everything.


  1. […] found a really simple and effective tutorial to fix glasses distortion on Jeff Revell's site, here, a while back. Basically you select the inside of the glasses, copy, then Paste Into the […]

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