Finding Great Sites

Yesterday a buddy of mine clued me into a very hot photographer named Dustin Snipes.  Dustin shoots a lot of sports-themed photography and has a very stylized look, which is why his work has graced the pages of Sports Illustrated and ESPN – The Magazine.  One of the great things about his blog is that he often shares his lighting setups, which is one of the ways that he achieves his “look”.  One of his posts had a ton of comments, largely due to the fact that David Hobby pimped him over at Strobist.

So while I was checking out all of the comments, I started clicking on some of the web-links to the commentor’s sites.  Doing so led me to some very cool places that I probably wouldn’t have found on my own.  One of these sites belonged to Mark J Rebilas.  If you like realy good action/sprts photography, you need to check out his body of work. Some of the other great photographers I found include: Ronalds Sulos, Matt Palmer, Jon Willey, and many more.

But you know, I really don’t have to go looking to far to find new sites.  Just yesterday I received comment from Tanya Plonka, a very talented and creative photographer.  I have to tell you that she has one particular gallery the likes of which I have never seen before.  Mixed in with her galleries of portraits, pets, wedding and still lifes is a gallery called Zombies.  Yes, those wonderful flesh-eating mutants.  The series is both creative and disturbing at the same time.  If you have a taste for the bizarre, you really need to check out her unique images.

So the next time you are reading comments on your favorite photo blog, do yourself a favor and click on some of the websites belonging to your fellow readers, you might be pleasantly surprised.



  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for something sports related like Dustin Snipes for some time.

  2. You have some good finds here. I have enjoyed checking out Strobist, but had not seen Dustin Snipes’ site before — it’s a good addition to my feed reader. Keep up the great work on your own site as well.

  3. Hey, thanks for the shoutout! That surprised me when I was reading through my feeds today

    Oddly enough, I found your blog a similar way just yesterday, though through a list of “these are cool” blogs 🙂


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