A New PhotoWalkPro “Gotta Have It!” Award

I was working on the chapter that deals with flash and it was turning out to be a pretty short chapter.  I mean what can you do with a pop-up flash besides make someone look really bad, oh, and give them some nice possessed red-eye to boot.  I know that there are people out there that are way more creative than I am so I started searching around Flickr using the keyword “pop-up”.  Well, I did find some interesting stuff but I also stumbled upon a new accessory that I think is just brilliant!  It’s called the Lightscoop and it was invented by a professor named Kenneth Kobrè who heads the photojournalism department at San Francisco State U.  I guess you could say that he knows something about photography.  Anyway, Prof. Kobrè figured out a way to make the pop-up flash into a bounce flash.  Other modifiers I have seen or used simply tried to diffuse the flash but this one re-directs it up and forward for a soft, even look that only bounce lighting can give you.  You can even use it as a wall bounce when you shoot vertically.  There is also a warming version that uses a tinted mirror to add a very nice warmth to the images.  Such a simple idea, so beautifully executed.  It has definitely earned a PhotoWalkProGotta Have It!” Award.

The Lightscoop runs about $35 US and fits most standard DSLR cameras that utilize a pop-up flash.  For more information or to order yours, check out the LightScoop website.  If you would like to see some images that were made using the light scoop, including a lot of comparison shots, check out this Flickr page.

*Special Mid-Day Update – Check out the comment section to see the reply from Betsy, Ken Kobrè’s wife.  She has news about a discount deal on the Lightscoop from Adorama.

Friday Notables

♦ – My buddy Mike Palmer commented the other day about my tutorial that discussed the basement shoot that I converted into a product shot.  Mike has been doing the same thing, although a little more sophisticated with his lighting than I.  He posted a product shot he did the other day and it kicks butt.  Check it out and see what you think (link).

♦ – Rob Jones, my friend over at Towner Jones Photography is hosting a photowalk next weekend, Dec. 20th, at the beautiful home of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello.  The walk is scheduled to kick off from the Visitor’s Center at 10:00 AM sharp and there is a fee for adults to enter the grounds.  There are some other important details that you should be aware of if you plan on attending so head over to Rob’s blog for all the details.

I would love to go but unfortunately it conflicts with a previous engagement but I’ll be crossing my fingers for Rob and Co. that the weather is nice.

♦ – Finally, I just finished adding links for my latest tutorials to, where else, the Tutorial Page.  There is a link at the top of my blog, right on the bottom of the banner.  You will find all of my video tutorial links there for your viewing pleasure.  And if you can’t manage to find the link, here’s another one, just for you. TUTORIAL PAGE

That’s all for this week.  I have some shooting planned for this weekend if the weather holds, not to mention more writing.  Have a great weekend and don’t forget, take your camera for a walk, it hates being cooped up in the winter.


  1. I actually received the ligthscoop as an early Christmas present from my wife, as she grew tired of my attempts to make a home-brew on camera flash diffuser/bouncer. All I can say is that it works excellent under most indoor lighting conditions, and the photos are awesome. It even works for close-up macro work, where you cast a shadow when closing in too closely on your subjects.

  2. Hi, Jeff. I’m Ken Kobre’s wife and Executive Vice President of EVERYTHING at Lightscoop.com. A customer alerted us to your column. Thanks for the Gotta Have It Award!

    Thought you and your readers would want to know that our exclusive online reseller, Adorama, has the Lightscoop on sale for $24.95 right now both on their site — http://www.adorama.com/FALSUs.html?sid=1215725604479426.

    Adorama also sells on Amazon — http://www.amazon.com/Professor-Lightscoop-Standard-Universal-American/dp/B0017LNHY2/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1229096115&sr=8-1.

    Happy holidays!

  3. Thanks for the shout Jeff!!

  4. I like the Lightscoop. I almost ordered it. Until I found out that shipping to Europe costs more then the Lightscoop itself.
    Why don’t Adorama and Amazon offer a cheaper (and surely slower) alternative….
    What a pity.


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