Tutorial Monday

Welcome to another fun-filled week here at PhotoWalkPro.  Okay, I don’t know how fun-filled it’s going to be but it is a holiday week for me and that means a short week with some turkey on the horizon so I am definitely in a good mood.  So let’s move on to today’s Photoshop tutorial.

I saw this effect in the recent edition of Outdoor Photographer magazine and thought that it looked really nice.  I also thought, “Hey, I can do that” so I dug up some old pictures and off I went.  The picture is one from my trip to Cambodia a couple of years ago.  The border was found over at Action Central in the downloads page.  Just scroll down till you find Andrea’s Borders and you will see some really nice border effects, including this Polaroid effect.  The texture layer is just a photo of an old piece of stained paper.  Gather them all together, shake vigorously in Photoshop, and you get the image below.


  1. Hey Jeff, thanx for the tutorial. Neat curves trick to make the sun — Also, thanx for the tip on using a sepia photo filter as a finishing touch. I normally use a H&S layer for sepia, but I think I like the concept of the photo filter a bit better.

    I’ve got the perfect photo to try this on…one I took on SK’s WWPhotowalk which had just the tiniest bit of camera shake. The techniques in this tutorial should hide the slight blurring quite well…can’t wait to get home tonight and try it.


  2. Great tutorial Jeff. It is amazing what can be done with photos these days.

  3. Hi Jeff, really useful and nice… You are a very great tutor… Very comprehensive and very clear.
    Thanks alot!


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