Using the LucisArt Plug-In for a Little Punch

As was noted by several readers of the blog yesterday, my images were not necessarily straight from the camera.  The mid-day sun tended to make for some flat lighting so I wanted to give a little more punch to the horses.  One of the tools that I employed was the LucisArt plug-in (click here for more info) for Adobe Photoshop.  Instead of writing a detailed post on how I applied the plug-in, I thought I would just show you.  So sit back and see how Lucis gave punch to my horses.


  1. LucisArt is a blast to play with. I’ve been using this plugin for over a year.

  2. This is really great Jeff. I had heard about this plugin before but had not really seen how it was used or what it could do. Thanks for sharing. I loved your series from the races. Makes me a bit home sick (just moved out of NoVA this summer). Best wishes.

  3. thanks

  4. Jeff, I like your picrtures and what the plug-in does for them, great video — I am a bit new to Photoshop but I am guessing the plug-in is a tonal mapping one?? Wondered if you had used the FDR tool?? If you have how do they compair or are they totally different?? thanks kathyt

  5. Great tutorial. I really like the screen cast.

    I am going to try this plug in to bring many of my otherwise boring images to life.


  6. Hi Jeff…

    Great tutorial….can you share (sorry if you have already mentioned this in your blog already) how you made that tutorial video? What program did you use to record your actions and voice? It is very nice….and a large window.



  7. Scotty,
    The program I use for doing my screen capture is called iShowU from Shinywhitebox. It is strictly a Mac application and has some really great features. To post my videos I use the Viddler site to host. They are similar to YouTube except that the video compression is so much better than YouTube. I have found that YouTube videos are really soft and blurry and they don’t have near the options that Viddler has. I still post my videos to YouTube because I have a lot of subscribers there but if it’s going on my blog, I make sure I use the Viddler streaming feed.


  8. suloara allokendek says:

    Thx for tutoriall.. really give me inspiration.. sucess 4 you


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