Pinhole Effect

I had a request to do a tutorial for making images that looked like they came from a pinhole camera.  Now before the pinhole purists jump on my neck, I just want to say that I do recognize that there are many different looks to pinhole camera images.  This is just what comes to mind when I think of them.  I made a pinhole camera way back in high school and this is how some of my images looked, well, sort of.  Anyway, enjoy the short tutorial and I’ll see you tomorrow. (See, no photowalk stuff)

Here is the final image from the video.


  1. mike meyer says:

    Hey, here’s an idea !!! Instead of faking a pinhole effect in Photoshop just make a digital pinhole camera. What are you insane you ask? Well it’s so insanely easy. Just take the camera body cap and drill a REALLY small hole in the center and presto, instant digital pinhole camera. I’m not sure what the effective lens length it would be because I’m terrible with math but it works. Try it!!! You could also cut a bigger hole and the take some foil to cover it, then punch an even smaller hole in the foil for more sharpness. Want a telephoto? Add some extention tubes.

    mike meyer

  2. Nice!!!

  3. This is just way too cool.

  4. HI Jeff – was wondering if you might be interested in being a featured photographer on my web site and have a short article on simulating pinhole technique. Would like to include a few images, video, along with a picture of you and contact information or links back to this site etc.

    If interested please let me know. The site features a large number of photoshop tutorials, other photographers and artists. I like your instructions would rather post your movie.

    Robert Berdan

  5. I’m having a problem viewing your tutorial.

  6. I did not experience before anything like this. Indeed Pinhole effect is really good one.


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