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World Wide Photowalk slated for August 23rd. I actually wanted to post about this last night but I didn’t get the link to the photowalk web page until just a few minutes ago. So here is the deal, PhotoWalkPro, along with Adobe, Wacom, Epson, and others, is sponsoring the first ever photowalk to take place on the same day throughout the world (not the same time grant you). I will be running the Washington DC area photowalk which will take place in Old Town Alexandria. Don’t worry if you can’t get to that one because there is probably one happening right near you (there’s already 100 cities lined up). So to find out all of the details, click this link.


  1. If only I could do 2000km to Windsor… It’s the closest city to where I’m at… Guess I’ll have to pass this one up!

  2. Roger Dallman says:

    I’m signed up. Looking forward to this one. When will you have the route figured out?

  3. Sweet! I’m going to try and make it if I can.

    Trevor from is organizing a photowalk the night before as well.

  4. Of course I am in Nebraska = ) Maybe I should put together one in Lincoln or Omaha…

  5. none of the links work for me. I can’t see anything else but the home page. Anyone else?

  6. Jeff, I see that over on Kelby’s blog there is some concern over the Terms and Conditions of the photowalks. In light of your post on the 24th, what do you think about this?

  7. RE #6 – I can’t get beyond the home page either. Not on Safari. Not on Firefox.

  8. JoBu,
    I wrote a response over at Scott’s blog about the Terms of Condition (TOC) that had been posted up on the photowalk site. First, I can tell you that the TOC has been pulled from the site. It was not supposed to go up with this particular event. That being said, I looked at the TOC that was posted and it is pretty standard fair for most contests in that the contest organizers like to cover themselves by being able to use the submitted images for promotion for future events and even to display contestant images in periodicals and web postings. What was of utmost importance was that the TOC never claimed that the owner of the image forfeited all future rights to their images which is the practice that we see in some contests. This is known as a “Rights Grab” and it is more common than you think. NAPP is definitely an advocate for photographers which is why they pulled the TOC so in this case it is a non-issue but it does go to show that anyone that is interested in submitting a photograph should always read the conditions and weigh the consequences against the rewards.


  9. Jeff – you are listed as the leader for both the Washington DC and the Alexandria VA Photowalks. Are those two walks going to be combined or is that a typo.

    I am leaning towards the Alex VA one and was hoping to meet you as well.



  10. Les,
    There was a little glitch in the set-up. Being a sponsor, I told Scott I would run the DC photowalk which I am sure that he passed along to his web designer. Later on, I told him that I settled on the Old Town area for the walk but that got passed along as a separate walk when actually it is the location for the DC walk. Most folks outside the area don’t realize that Old Town is right across the river from DC. Anyway, it should all be resolved by tomorrow. If you want to go, please make sure that you sign up for one of the two before we run out of spaces.


  11. Thanks for the reply. As you said in your comment on Kelby’s site, if they asked me for a free photo to use as promotion, I’d jump all over it, since I’m a amateur. But there looked to be some confusion so I thought I would go to an expert for clarification. Personally, I want to participate to try to get some good tips and improve.

    I’m hoping for a Cincinnati photowalk, otherwise I’ll probably sign up for Westerville, Ohio.

  12. Hey Jeff,

    I have tried to sign up for the DC walk a bunch of times now. I keep getting an error that my email is already in use. It looks like the walk is already filled up.

    I have sent some emails to the site webmaster and customer support but no replies so far. 🙁


  13. steve ratcliff says:

    I am flying in to DC on Friday evening before the worldwide event and my mind is full of confusion concerning the photowalk. I signed up for the Old Town Alexandria with YOU hosting the walk but the web site now list a morning and evening DC walk. I received the confirmation email from kelby photowalk,but when I confirm the info now I receive the message…”Sorry, that registration code is no longer valid. Or you have already been confirmed. ” Orginally, I got the your reservation Is confirmed message. Is there a way to confirm the walk I have signed up for and that you will be the host? I’m only there for the weekend as I’m dropping my daughter off for an intern position. Needless to say that I was elated that this these events had a juxtaposition and that I could participate in the walk. thanks in advance for all your help and I look forward to meeting you.
    ps great Guest Blog on Scott’s Kelby’s Page.

    steve from Texas

  14. Steve,
    I forwarded your problem to the Kelby web team to see what the problem is. When they combined the two Photowalks it might have messed up the status of some of those that signed up. Hopefully we can get this taken care of for you.


  15. Jeff,

    Is there any chance that you can forward my problem to the Kelby web team as well. I have been unable to sign up for any of the photowalks due to an error message that my email address is already in use.

    I have tried to contact them numerous times, but I have not received any replies.

    I guess if I can’t get this resolved today, I’ll create another email address so that I can get registered.




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