Odds and Ends Friday

Welcome to the end of the week.  It has been a busy past few days full of some great reader feedback on some of my recent posts.  Reader NZM gave some especially insightful comments from the perspective of a former photo-finisher.  Make sure you check out his comment in yesterday’s post and when you are done, go check out the great underwater photography over at his blog, M and J Adventures.

Last Friday I posted a review of the new Silver Efex Pro software for creating great black and white images.  Many of you are blaming me for being $200 poorer (but I’m confident that you’ll thank me later).  Well earlier this week I came across a post over at Smashing Magazine.  The post is called Beautiful Black and White Photography and it’s chock full of, well, black and white photographs.  There’s some really amazing work included in the collection that is definitely worth checking out.

Another site worth checking out is the recent photoblog from the Boston Globe, aptly named The Big Picture.  This is how I really like my news, with little talk and lots of inspirational images that tell a story better than any words ever could.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure you give it a browse by clicking here.

Local DC photographer Shawn Duffy spent some time volunteering in the Middle East recently and he has some great HDR shots that he was able to grab one evening.  He also has about 14,000 images that he has already processed from the couple of weeks that he was there.  You can see his collections over on his Flickr page by clicking here.

A couple of days ago my buddy Matt Kloskowski, author of the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Killer Tips site, wrote about a new Adobe ACE exam for Lightroom.  I had been considering taking the ACE for Photoshop but then I found out that it includes a lot of the Extended version material.  Frankly I think Adobe should make two versions so folks like me that don’t do any video or 3D stuff can still get certified in the standard version.  Now that there is a Lightroom ACE, I might actually be able to get certified, like my buddy Mike, who constantly reminds me of his Photoshop ACE (even he’s not brave enough to get the Extended ACE yet).  So now I’m just waiting for Matt to make his Lightroom ACE Bootcamp training session for Kelby Training so I have a chance of actually passing.

Finally, if you are like me then you are a daily Scott Kelby blog reader (link).  His is the first blog I check out in the morning over my bowl of oatmeal.  Okay, so I do check out my own blog first, but only to make sure it has posted correctly so that doesn’t really count.  Recently Scott began taking Wednesdays off and has been lining up an all-star cast of guest bloggers that have been writing some of the best photography posts you’ll ever read.  This last Wednesday was Dave Cross’ turn.  I really enjoyed his article on shooting for photoshop which was concluded with a shot he took down in Mexico.  He took the shot knowing that he was going to have some work to do in his post-processing.  Well if you head on over to Dave’s blog, he shows you step-by-step how he actually went about saving this shot.  It is a great follow-up to his guest post.  You can read all about it here.

Well that, as they say in show biz, is a wrap.  Have a great weekend, and for goodness sakes, get outside and take your camera for a walk.


  1. mike meyer says:

    Yes I am an ACE, for CS and CS2. Brutal tests and here’s my biggest gripe. How do you pass a test that is 50% on Extended if you have the regular version of Photoshop? Thats like taking an algebra test and they throw in 50% calculus. The other thing about Extended is it deals with certain file formats that I’ve never seen before. So maybe I’ll skip the ACE test for CS3 and hope they rearrange things for CS4. I have also heard that certain people are pushing for a ACE test for photographers that involves only the photography parts of Photoshop and also Lightroom. That would be very interesting. So maybe if we all write to Adobe and vent a little they will change things. If anyone knows who actually puts the test together let us know so we can complain at the source.

    mike meyer
    ACE Photoshop CS/CS2

  2. Thanks for the plug, Jeff – I was wondering about the spike in our blog traffic from US viewers!

    BTW – that should read: “her comment” and “her blog”! 🙂

  3. I, like many of your other readers, am totally excited about the new product Silver Efex Pro. Can you recommend a site or information regarding printing black and white images and which printer would be best?

  4. I am like you… I have Scott’s blog saved on my favorites. Hey… your blog is here in my favorites too… LOL
    Anyway… I agree with you, Cave Cross article was great.
    Paulo Jordao

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