Time to Update my NAPP Member Gallery

There are a lot of great advantages to being a National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) member.  Of course there are the monster discounts for just about anything and everything in the photography and graphics world.  PhotoshopUser magazine is also included and is the best periodical of its type in the world.  The member website is also first rate with tons of content.  It is chock full of wonderful tutorials and the HELP desk that has little 60 second video clips to answer all your Photoshop questions.  The Forums are first rate and you’ll be sure to find help, advise, and anything and everything Photoshop related being discussed in multiple categories.  But one of the features that I am most fond of is the Members Gallery.  As a NAPP member, you are given your own online gallery space that you can populate with around 20 images of your own choosing.

My NAPP Gallery

I haven’t updated mine in a while but that’s alright because I always spend so much time just browsing the work of others that I forget about my own stuff.

So you say you’re not a NAPP member?  Shame on you (ok, I guess you have your reasons).  Well, even if you aren’t a member you can still get access to all of the wonderful images being posted in the galleries.  NAPP allows non-member browsing and searching of all the member galleries so you can still explore all of the wonderful work being displayed by the members.  And who knows, you just might be inspired to join yourself.

When you go to the Member Gallery page (click here) you will see the Image of the Week along with the Editors’ Choice images.

NAPP Gallery Home

Clicking on any of the thumbnails will take you to the photographer/artist’s gallery to see all of their work.  If you just feel like looking around, go up to the Browse link at the top of the page.  I always like clicking on the View a page of random images link (I think that one is pretty self-explanatory).  Just click on any of the thumbnails to see the rest of the gallery.  I must caution you though, random viewing of inspirational photography has been known to kill hours out of your day.  View at your own risk!

I’ll be on the road next week but hopefully still posting on a regular schedule, and maybe with a new image or two for my NAPP Gallery page.  Have a great weekend!


  1. So I beat Mr. Meyer to this one = ) How bout throwing a bone to a editors choice- Wait——– I think you just got 10 hits– safe travels Jeff

  2. Three cheers for NAPP .It’s the best money I’ve ever spent that and Kelbytraining. Hey Jeff it looks like other people have had the same problem I’m having with Lightroom 2 crashing in the develop mode. I hope they figure it out cause I like the program. Banjo Bob

  3. mike meyer says:

    Well Mr. Palmer, you beat me to the punch because I’m at home today on my ultra-fast connection. Right now I’m hooked up at a blazing 28.8 Kbps, which is smokin fast for 1994. Wait, what year is this, oh yea I forgot. Well I’ve got the FIOS line in my front yard just drivin Mr. Revell crazy !!! I figure if I wait long enough he’ll pay for me to hook up. Hey it could happen.

    mike meyer

  4. You know that would be a great post for Jeff, Hey Jeff can you break sown the stats of Fios Vs all other connections when the posting is slow and the impact it has on photographers and thier sanity- It is silly fast – seconds to DL huge files –


  1. […] Time to Update my NAPP Member Gallery […]

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