Georgetown Photowalk Details

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Key Bridge

Ok, sorry to make everyone wait so long but I was out of town last week and tied up with work issues but now I’m back and looking forward to next Sunday’s photowalk in Georgetown. So here is the plan. We will meet at 10:00 AM at the corner of Water St. and 33rd St NW.  Water St. is actually under the Whitehurst Freeway if you are looking for it on a map. The easiest way to get there is from M St.  If you are coming across the Key Bridge, you will want to take a right on M St. heading east and then turn right on Wisconsin Ave. You’ll know you are there from the big gold dome on the top of the bank on the corner. Coming from the East, you’ll want to hang a left on Wisconsin (same gold dome landmark). Go down Wisconsin towards the Potomac and then turn right under the Whitehurst FWY onto River St. There is parking all along River St. They are all meters but I believe they are free on Sundays, but bring a pocket full of quarters just in case. It’s about $1.25 per hour, as opposed to the $12.00 per hour at the Georgetown Mall parking garage.

I would like to get started right around 10:00 so try and get there a little early so we can get organized and have a few minutes to chat prior to getting underway.

The route is pretty simple. We will head up 33rd St to the C&O Canal. Then we will hang a right and follow the canal to 29th St. Then we’ll hang a left and head up to M St. Next it’s a right on M St. all the way down to the Philadelphia Cheesesteak Factory for some lunch and a little chimping. We can drop back down to River St. through the Francis Scott Key park across the street from the restaurant for some additional shooting if anyone wants.

I have a route map posted online if you would like to see exactly where we will be going. You can find the route map at

If you have any questions please leave me a message, otherwise I will see all of you next Sunday.


  1. I will be there with my two budding photographers –

  2. I’m out of town, but I wish I weren’t – I’d love to be there! Have a great time, everyone!

  3. I’ll be coming off a 300 mile round trip ride for charity on Saturday, but I’ll try to make it out for the photowalk with my 3 budding photographers.

  4. Bill and I are hoping to make it for the photowalk.

  5. Jason Strickland says:

    This will be my first photowalk and I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for organizing this Jeff.

  6. Craig Thoburn says:

    This will be my first photowalk as well. Looks like we are going to get a nice day for it.


  1. PattyHankins says:

    For people in the DC area – Info about the June 1 photowalk in Georgetown organized by Jeff Revell –

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  5. PattyHankins says:

    Looking forward to the Photowalk in Georgetown today

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