Gulf Photo Plus in Dubai – and a little HDR

It’s a shame my vacation in Dubai couldn’t have occured just a couple of weeks later so that I could attend the 2008 Gulf Photo Plus Workshop in Dubai.  Of course I had never actually heard of it until I was actually in the country but now that I know, I really wish I could be there.  The workshop is a week long event that covers photography, Photoshop, and video with some of the best in the business.  Granted, I really don’t care about the video (sorry Rod) but I bet the photography and Photoshop portions will be amazing.  How could they not be with world class photographer Joe McNally, The Strobist, David Hobby, and one of my favorite photographers, David Nightingale, as part of the instructor team.  Headlining the Photoshop instruction is none other than Ben Wilmore, that bus driving, HDR crazy, Photoshop instructor extraordinaire.  I am sure that everyone will get their money’s worth at this workshop.  So if you’re going to be in Dubai April 30th – May 4th, be sure to stop in to the Gulf Photo Plus workshops.  For more information on instructors, classes, schedules, and more, check out the Gulf Photo Plus web site.

I can’t wait to see what HDR stuff Ben brings back from this trip.  And speaking of Dubai HDR images, here’s a few that I have processed from my trip.  Enjoy!

Dubai Marina Tennis Court

Dubai Marina Main Street

Back Alley in the Spice Souk

Mosque in the Souk


  1. Nice shots Jeff, I like the bottom one the best –

  2. OK Jeff, I looked all over the website for Gulf Photo Plus and I can’t find a single “video” related class to save my life. I also can’t find any “video” instructors. You kinda got me all excited as I thought I might be able to contact someone about having me out their to teach next year… but I think the “video” term in their marketing must refer to classes where they play a video of Photography instruction or something like that. Did you find anything related to video production instruction anywhere on the site?


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