Double Processing with the New Lightroom 2.0 Beta

Last week I posted a tutorial that walked through the process of capturing a broader dynamic range by double processing an image in Photoshop using Smart Objects and Layer Masks.  Well today I was exploring the new Lightroom Beta and found that I can recreate the same process using Virtual Copies and the new feature that allows me to export my copies as layers in a single Photoshop document.  How cool is that? Below is an image of the Kelby boys shooting inside the open atrium in the Emirates Tower hotel (you can see a cool shot I took of the atrium in this post).   As you can see, the interior is lit well but the exterior skyline is pretty blown out.

Before double processing

After processing the virtual copy for the exterior view, I opened both images as separate layers in the same images and then combined the exterior processed layer with the above image to get the result below.  

To see the whole process, watch the video below.


  1. Jan Winther says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Really nice tut there. Thanks for sharing.


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